Septian Calendar

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The Septian Calendar (七耀暦 Shichiyo Koyomi) chronologically details the history events of the fictional Trails Series in the Legend of Heroes RPG franchise. So far up to The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III, most of the details are theoretically based upon actual dates given in the series.

  • Before the Septian Calendar or Pre-Septian (abbreviated as BS or B.S), where Gods descended and conflicted over millenniums ago.

After the calendar was founded, history was divided into 3 eras.

  • After the Septian Calendar (1~500AS), there was the Dark Ages, a periodization before the Great Collapse to the founding of the Septial Religion.
  • After the Dark Ages (500~1100AD), the Septian Church brought a plateau of order and stability to the world.
  • After the Orbal Revolution (1150AR~), following the 50-year boom where the Kiseki games storyline takes place after.

Before the Septian Calendar (B.S)

  • The Gods of the 2 pillars and their respective followers have descended and encountered. The gods fought and mutually killed each other after a 1000 days struggle.
  • Aidios the Sky Goddess gave humanity the Sept-Terrion, seven sacred treasures which granted dominion over the land, skies, and seas. They were eventually separated dividing humanity to pursue the respective ideals.

Sepith Calendar

Historical Timeline (1 - 500AS)
Year Events
82 The Grancel Cathedral is built in the kingdom's capital.
171 The Impeial Capital of Heimdallr was founded.
  • The Dark Dragon Zoro-Agruga appears occupying Heimdallr.
  • Emperor Astorius II evacuates the citizens to Saint-Arkh, estblishing it as the provisional capital.
  • Emperor Hector I recaptures Heimdallr, but dies from the Dark Dragon's accursed blood and corrupting the Divine Knight, Testa-Rossa, which is then sealed away in the bowels underneath Valflame Palace.
  • The present-day Heimdallr was build over the old ruins of the abandoned city.
Before 500 The Dark Ages began and warfare stirred between the various countries.

The Sepith Plateau

Sepith Plateau (500 - 1100AD)
Year Events
500~ The Septian Church appeared with its introduction of the Aidios religion, ending the Dark Ages.
700 The D∴G Cult were entrusted the homunculus by the Crois Family
880 Baby Ragnard is born
900 The religious sculpture of Aidios was unveiled to all the church branches.
946 3rd Imperial Prince, Dreichels Reise Arnor moves to the Nord Highlands
947 Emperor Valius V dies and Crown Prince Manfred Reise Arnor are assasinated.[1]
  • Prince Dreichels assumes the throne as Emperor of Erebonia.[2]
  • Prince Dreichels Liberates the Erebonian Capital (June).
  • The War of The Lions ends the following month (July).
982-984 Emperor Driechels established the Thors Military Academy.
1075 The Rolent Clocktower was constructed in Liberl

After the Orbal Revolution

Orbal Revolution (1150 - 1200AR)
Year Events
1150 The Orbal Revolution starts after Professor C. Epstein invented the first orbment.
The Bracer Guild was founded
1152 Strega Inc. was established.
1154 C. Epstein dies in his homeland, Leman, entrusting his research to his 3 disciples.[2]
1158 G. Schmidt and the "Reinford Factory" (later renamed the Reinford Group) began the development of Orbal vehicles.
  • The Empire's freight railroad establishes its network by bridging between Roer and Sachsen Iron Mine.
  • Albert was promoted to ZEF's Factory Chief after receiving grant from the king.
1162 Princess Alicia II inherited the throne at the age of 20 after King Edgar III's death.[2]
The first orbal clocktower was completed.
1163 The second orbal clocktower was completed and left in the capital of Grancel.
1164 The Langland Bridge in the City of Ruan was completed.
1167 Dunan von Auslese was born.
  • Alan Richard was born.
  • Calatrava, the first orbalship was completed after 39 trial runs.
1171 Zin Vathek, Don Capua was born.
1172 Nial Burns (Nov 25), Kurt Nardin was born.
1173 The Zeiss Engineering Factory is renamed into the Zeiss Central Factory,[2] supplying their licensed businesses with the Verne Company and Reinford Group.
1179 Scherazard Harvey (May. 19), Kyle Capua was born.
  • Albert resigns from ZCF with his position replaced by Mayor Murdock
  • Dorothy Hyatt is born (Jan. 22).
  • Philip Renard retires from captain of the Royal Guard to Dunan's butler.
  • Joshua Astray was born (Dec. 20).
  • Weissmann was promoted to the Congregation for the Sacraments.
  • ZCF extended their science departments to natural sciences and medicine.
1186 Estelle Bright (Aug. 7), Klaudia von Auslese (Oct. 11), Josette Capua is born.
1190 Renne Hayworth was born.
1194 The Harvey Circus Troupe was disbanded as result of the master's death.
1195 Georg Weissmann was excommunicated from the Church after discovering his taboo of re-creating Stigmata.

Series Timeline

Series Timeline (1202AR~)
Year Events
  • Several Erebonian Bracer Guilds are attacked.
  • The Liberlian airship, Linde, goes missing.
  • Junior bracers Estelle and Joshua Bright begin their adventure around Liberl.
  • The 60th annual Queen's Birthday Celebration commences in Grancel.
  • A non-aggression pact is signed between the Liberl, Calvard , and Erebonia.[2]
  • The Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon takes effect throughout all of the Liberl Kingdom.
  • Erebonian Chancellor Giliath Osborne meets with Queen Alicia II.
  • The Red Constellation enters Calvard, leading to another major conflict between them and Heiyue.
  • Kevin Graham and Ries Argent recover the ancient artifact known as the "Recluse Cube" while in the Liberl Kingdom.[2]
  • Within a single day, the Imperial Army swiftly invades Crossbell and occupies Crossbell City without further bloodshed.
  • In Geofront E, Rean Schwarzer and Lloyd Bannings cross paths. (March 9)
The Northern War commences, with Erebonia's invasion and annexation of North Ambria. (Fall)
1207 Crossbell is liberated from Erebonian occupation.


  • The above timeline designated by the following terms (BS, AS, AD, AR) is derived from the real life terms (AD/BC), which is the designation used to number years after the birth of Christ in the Gregorian calendar.