Kuku, Bring it on. I'll crush that confidence of your with my one fist
—Walter's intro quote

Walter (ヴァルター Varutaa), otherwise known as the Direwolf, is the Ouroboros's Enforcer No.8 introduced in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC. He is a supporting antagonist in SC, and Zin Vathek's archenemy.


Walter is a strong, tall, and muscular man wearing a black suit and sunglasses. He has a small beard and spiky, disheveled orange hair. He is frequently seen smoking and always lights one up before using his S Craft.


Although Zin Vathek and Kilika Rouran described him as being kind and competitive in the past, Walter is now a cruel, sadistic, and sociopathic man. He lives for the thrill of combat and does not like holding back. While he does boast of his own abilities quite a bit, he notably does not toy with his enemies as much as his fellow Enforcers, preferring to cut to the chase. When he had the Bracers are his mercy at the Hot Springs Fountainhead, he would likely have killed Estelle's group if Zin had not intervened at the last moment, in contrast to Enforcers Bleublanc who prefer leaving their enemies alive to torment.

This extends to his fighting style: The Murderous Fist. His blows can cause Instant Death, Faint, and Seal, leaving his foes dead or helpless. His style is the most direct of the Enforcers: Kill the enemy with overwhelming physical attacks, with only limited use of arts.

This ruthlessness seems to stem from when he killed his master, Ryuga Rouran. From that moment, he forsook the Taito Style and embraced the Murderous Fist, finding great enjoyment in the fighting and killing of strong opponents.

Character Profile

Once Kilika's lover and the expected successor of the Taito Style (泰斗流 Taito-ryuu). However, Master Ryuuga decides to give the successor seat to the other candidate Zin instead. After hearing this, Walter that can't accept this fact asked Ryuuga to let him fight against Zin. But Ryuuga said Zin will just let Walter win unconsciously both in martial arts and woman. Walter starts to go mad and so Ryuuga chose to fight him in place of Zin and ultimately gets killed by his own disciple.

Unbeknownst to him, Ryuuga was terminally ill with cancer at the time. Ryuuga's intention all along was to teach Walter and Zin the way of life of a martial artist by choosing to die by the hand of his number one disciple, Walter.

During the main story of Tails in the Sky: SC, he is first seen helping Weissmann experiment with a gospel that can cause earthquakes and attract Abyss Worms. He easily defeats Estelle's group, but is prevented from killing them by Zin. Decideing he has completed his mission, he grabs the gospel, summons more Abyss Worms, and takes off. He is next fought on the Carnelia Tower, where, after his boss fight, he engages in vicious bout with Zin, neither gaining the upper hand, until Killika interrupts the bout with her chakrams. Killika chastises Walter for his actions, serving Ouroborus, leaving her without saying goodbye, among other things. Unnerved by Killika's words and knowing the Aureole will awaken soon, he backs off and promises Zin that, if he can defeat him, then he will share the truth of Walter's duel with their master.

Finally, the Bracers confront Walter one last time atop the Aureole, where he has been assigned by Weissmann to stop them. After a fierce battle, Walter is pushed back. Wondering how it is possible that Zin is so much stronger than him now, Zin replies that, as Walter was always his superior in martial arts ability, he would have won if he had kept practicing the Taito Style. As Walter abandoned Taito, Zin was able to continue perfecting his technique during his travels with Estelle and eventually surpass Walter's evil fist. Walter laughs, revealing that Master Ryuga always believed that Zin was the superior student, and only held himself back when fighting his best friend, Walter. After being told the truth of the duel between Walter and Ryuga, Zin replies that Ryuga already had terminal cancer, and used Walter as both a tool to show the dark side of fist, and as a way to die honorably in combat against one of his own students. Walter cackles in disbelief, seemingly on the verge of having a breakdown from this revelation. The two clash one last time, and Walter remarks that Zin held back yet again. He laughs, lights one more cigarette, asks why they have to "taste so good," and finally falls unconscious with Zin being the victor.


Trails in the Sky SC

For the first fight he has 3 Steel Cougars as adds, and for the second fight he has 2 Shadow Cougars instead.


  • Laser Bullet: Physical damage, line, STR debuff
  • Infinity Combo: High physical damage, single target

S-Craft, Ultimate Blow: High physical damage, area attack, chance of faint (ahahahaAHAHAAHAHaah)


  • He was briefly mentioned by Yin in The Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki, having dueled him back in Calvard.
  • As Enforcer #8, Walter represents the reversed Strength arcana in tarot. Among other things, this card can mean excessive arrogance that can lead to downfall, matching Walter's extreme confidence in his own abilities.
  • Walter's smoking habit seems to parallel Zin's drinking habit. While drinking in moderation is typically seen as a heroic trait, smoking is more associated with villains. In addition, smoking is a habit actively discouraged by most professional martial artists, due to the detriments it can have on one's health. Walter's last line after his final duel with Zin seems to reference this, seemingly lamenting why cigarettes have to taste so good.