Vivi is Linde's twin sister and a commoner student of the prestigious Thors Military Academy introduced in the Trails of Cold Steel trilogy. She reappears with Alan and Hugo in Trails of Cold Steel III.


Vivi has long pink hair stretching halfway down her back, and wears a tiny, mischievous smile. She is Linde's identical twin and the two often use their similarities in appearance to play elaborate pranks on people.


Each time an opportunity presents itself, she will not hesitate to pull pranks on people, including Rean Schwarzer and her sister Linde.

But despite her mischievous side, she is a nice girl at heart and cares deeply for her twin sister.

Character Profile

Year 1, Class IV, Gardening Club
A member of the Gardening Club who loves pulling pranks on people—especially her elder twin sister, Linde.
Motivation Vivi was feeling dejected due to Linde being missing, but Fie cheered her up and persuaded her to come with them. (CS2)
Reunion: After finally being reunited with Linde, she was at last able to return to her usual cheerful self. (CS2)



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