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That’s a little piece of advice my senpai once gave me.
—Toval's quote, Trails of Cold Steel II

Toval Randonneur (トヴァル・ランドナー) is an Erebonian Bracer who supports Class VII and the resistance in the Civil War in the The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel tetralogy.

Toval spends his days as a fighter working for the Bracer Guild network across the empire. Given that his options are limited for actually working as a fighter within the empire, he teams up with a group of people including Sarah, an old co-worker, who work with him to reform the empire's guild network as maintaining their daily jobs. While he knows his way around a weapon, he is known for are his custom orbment techniques, which allow him to quickly shoot off his Arts. Having already known Rean and company, he encounters Sara again, having since been left all alone for reasons unknown, and opts to work with her as well.



Character Profile

Trails of Cold Steel II

Bracer Guild: A caring bracer belonging to the Erebonian Bracer Guild. He can modify his orbments for faster casting speed.

  1. Skilled Bracer: Demonstrated his skill in fields outside of combat by pretending to be a merchant to deceive the provincial army.
  2. Goddesses: He became a bracer thanks to a woman he met when involved in some trouble regarding an artifact.
  3. Carnelia: He seems to be deeply connected to someone known as 'Carnelia.' Further details are in a book, says Sara.


  • He is the only playable sub member in Trails of Cold Steel II who is male.