Thors Military Academy - Reeves Campus (トールズ士官学院・リーヴス第II分校 Tōruzu Shikan Gakuin Rīvusu Daini Bunkō) is a branch school of the prestigious Thors Military Academy, and the main background of the third installment of the Trails of Cold Steel trilogy.


During the year S.1206 after the Erebonian Civil War, the Thors Military Academy has become Erebonia's international military academy after Cedric Reise Arnor's enrollment. Worried about the increasing military movement in the main campus, Chairman Olivert Reise Arnor used what remaining authority he is left to build the Branch Campus as a last resort to counter against new problems within the Empire.


The branch campus is the first to allow international students to enroll such as foreigners, dropouts and those from the current annexed provinces of Crossbell and North Ambria. It is said that the headmaster of the Reeves campus was a former commander of the Noble Alliance.

Thors Reeves Classes Logos CS3.jpg

Whereas the main campus arranges the students between classes I to VI through the main curriculum, Class VII through IX are tasked towards an even harder curriculum at Reeves.

  • Class VII: Special Affairs, taught by Rean Schwarzer.
  • Class VIII: Battle Tactics, taught by Randolph Orlando.
  • Class IX: Accounting and Statistics, taught by Towa Herschel.

Connecting Zones


  • Einhell Fortlet: The campus's training facility.
  • Derfflinger: The campus's private armored train for traveling to accorded destinations for the student's training program.