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This template in only to be used for all main, sub and notable NPC characters available in the Trails (Kiseki) Series.

Type in the following fields to the maximum extent, if required. Add the "br" tag to paragraph the empty space

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  • japanese = Full Japanese name
  • romaji = Romanized English name
  • faction = The character's primary affiliation using the .png images from Category:Logo Images
  • Image Gallery/Quotes/Relationships
    • gallery = Type "Yes", if there are any available images
    • quotes = Type "Yes", if there are any available quotes
    • relationships = Type "Yes", if there are any available images and info
  • full name (full name) = true or previous identity
  • alias = the usual monikers they refer the character to


  • age = the character's age from starting game to the ongoing
  • dob = Date of Birth (eg. September. 8 S1204)
  • race = the breed categorization of the character's being
  • gender = male, female, or otherwise
  • eye = color of character's eye
  • hair = color of character's hair
  • birth = birthplace of character addressed by detail (city, province, region)
  • death = date and location of where that person died


  • weapon = weapons to the character's profession
  • relatives = all family-related members and those closest (if applicable)
  • orbment = the party character's preferred choice of septium element in the games
  • affiliation = all faction groups he/she is associated with (both current and former)
  • occupation = all the character's job positions (both current and former)
  • units = all mobile weapons, including Panzer Soldats piloted


  • game = List of the games the character makes his/her appearance in the main game franchise.
  • other = List of other Falcom games/media or any other collaborations the character makes his/her appearance
  • voice = Name of voice actors (both Japanese and other dubbed versions)