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Only those who have struggled through countless battles are worthy of entering here…
—Voice of the Door

Star Door #13 is one of the mysterious doors in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd.

It features the side story: Assault on the Imperial Guilds (帝国ギルド連続襲撃事件 Teikoku Girudo Renzoku Shūgeki Jiken), a major incident that occurred in the Erebonian Empire, S.1202 in the Trails Universe.


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S.1202; Several Bracer Guild branches in the Erebonian Empire were quickly raided in an assault spree by unknown forces. This led the Bracer System in the Empire into disarray and numeral urgent orbal messages were sent across the empire whilst tapped by the Intelligence Division.

As the attack spree continued, they requested emergency assistance from foreign countries, until the Liberl Bracer Guild responded and dispatched S-rank Bracer, Cassius Bright. With Cassius's leadership, all the decentralized bracers were gathered to oppose the enemy's means of communication and intel. Due to the empire's strict immigration laws, Cassius figured that the opposing forces must have already entered imperial borders. This turned to be a strategical favor towards the bracers as the opposing forces diminished.

The culprits were discovered to be Jaegers called the "Jester Corps". Predicting that the enemy would target him next after a 2-month stalemate, Cassius prepared a new strategy to engage on the enemy's rendezvous point. Using an encrypted message that will lead and misguide the enemy forces with false info, the Jester Corps were completely defeated, disarmed, and the Corps itself disbanded by the efforts of the Intelligence Division, Imperial Army and the Bracer Guild.

During that time, the Imperial Intelligence Division kept a real-time log of the events but remained cautious as they saw Cassius as a national threat for his role in the Hundred Days War, and being one step ahead of their countermeasures.


Following the incident, the remaining Jesters survived and have not been heard off ever since while some desired vengeance against Cassius.[1] The Imperial Intelligence Agency marked Cassius as a Level-5 caution after his departure in their final report to the Imperial Chancellor. In response to the latter, the Chancellor pressured the government to shut down all the Bracer Guilds in Erebonia "believing to be potential threats" in correspondance from the latter.


  • This summarizes the events of Cassius Bright's unseen business in Erebonia in the Trails in the Sky.
  • This story highlights suspension to the Trails' series continuity, leading to many theoratical suggestions of future events revealed in the Trails of Cold Steel trilogy.


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