The Stahlritter in the Ao no Kiseki opening

The Stahlritter (鉄機隊 Tekkitai) is a small calvary of elite valkyries pledged under the allegiance to Arianrhod, No.VII Anguis of the Ouroboros society. The only members confirmed are: Duvalie the Swift, Ennia the Demon Bow, and Ines the Stout. They first debuted in The Legend of Heroes: Ao no Kiseki before revealing thier faces in the Trails of Cold Steel trilogy.


For how the calvary is founded is unknown. The Stahlritter is a small elite unit of knights whose chivalry is bound only to their master, Arianrhod. Their course of actions are independent from the society while still sharing the same beliefs with the Grandmaster.

Just like their master whose profile resembles the Erebonian Valkyrie, St. Lianne Sandlot, the calvary is highly suggested to inherit the former order of the Eisenritter (鉄騎隊 Aizennritter). The Eisenritter were St. Sandlot's army back in the Middle Ages when they assisted Emperor Dreichels Reise Arnor during the War of the Lions, gathering at Lohengrin Castle off the coast near Legram.


In Ao no Kiseki, the Stahlritter followed Arianrhod to assist F. Novartis and Campanella with the Crois Family in commencing the Azure Zero Project. December S.1204, the Stahlritter and Arianrhod were stationed at The Tower of Stargaze to guard its towerbell, one of the corner points that manifested the barrier around Crossbell. A fierce battle between Arianrhod, the Stahlritter and the Special Support Section was unfolded, where Llyod's team emerged victorious.

Around the same time in Trails of Cold Steel II, the captain Duvalie was simultaneously to assist Vita Clotilde and the other Enforcers with the Noble Alliance as a cornerstone for the Phantasmal Blaze Plan. Duvalie was ordered to monitor McBurn's activity in going wild with his incomparable power, where she fought against Class VII in Aurochs Fort.

In S.1206, Arianrhod and the Stahlritter were dispatched to help recover the Phantasmal Blaze Plan back from Giliath Osbourne.



  • Stahlritter is German-translated from "Steel Knight".
    • On a parallel note, Eisenritter is dual-translated for "Iron Knight" in German, while the Japanese name is defined for Ironside (cavalry), old troopers during the English Civil War in the 17th century.
  • Like St. Sandlot, her and the heroism of the Eisenritter is commemorated annually by the inhabitants of Legram as a new tradition set by the Arseid family, whose ancestry ties with the deputy captain of the Eisenritter.