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The Special Support Section (特務支援課 Tokumu Shienka) (abbreviated as the S.S.S) is the newly established section in the C.S.P.D.. It is the primary organisation where Lloyd Bannings and his friends of the force belong in the Zero/Ao no Kiseki duology.


The department was founded by Sergei Lou and Guy Bannings in early S.1204 prior to the events of Zero no Kiseki. After Guy's death, Sergei runs as the section's chief. Unlike other departments or bureaus, operations handled in the section consists of listening to every citizen's query to monster hunts.

At first, other departments of the Police Department criticize the section as imitating the Bracers due to the range of specialising anything. But it was planted as the police's last stand to regain the citizens' trust for the government's mismanagement of the spreading crime spree.

After Lloyd's assignment to the section, his detective instincts have led the team to successive results, gaining the faith of Crossbell's citizens and their superiors.

Member Roster

Character Status Birthplace Notes/Background
Sergei Lou Chief
Guy Bannings Chief
Lloyd Bannings
Elie MacDowell
Tio Plato
Randy Orlando
Noel Seeker
Wazy Hemisphere


  • While still being disregarded, other departments discriminate the section as "Bracer Imitators (遊撃士の猿真似)"