The Sepith and the Orbment in Akatsuki no Kiseki

Septium (七曜石 (セプチウム) Sepuchiumu) are the important mineral resources hidden with mysterious "Orbal" energy in the Kiseki Universe.


The ores are depicted and characterized by the 7 elemental types: Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Time, Space and Mirage. Smaller fragments of the ore called Sepith (セピス Sepisu) can be found naturally within monsters or discovered through mining excavations. How the monster themselves carry the minerals around in their bodies is yet unknown.[1]

For manual utilization of the orbal power concealed in the ores, the Sepith can be refined and synthesized together to create Quartz, its crystallized-circuit form. Sepith can create quartzes that range in increasing many parameters, adding extra bonuses to attacks, off battle usage, and even more.

Because Septium itself is the industrial boom in the Orbal Revolution, they become indispensable for modern technology and other valuable sufficiencies such as currency exchange at high rates in most facilities.

Element Color Elemental Properties
Earth Brown Physical Enhancements, etc.
Water Blue Recovery, Cold Attacks, etc.
Fire Red Offense, Flame Attacks, etc.
Wind Green Evasion, Thunder and Wind Attacks, etc.
Time Black Action Speed, Control of Time, etc.
Space Yellow Movement, Effect Range, etc.
Mirage White Perception, Awareness, etc.

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