The Septian Church (七耀教会 Shichiyō Kyōkai, lit. "Seven Rays Church") is a religious creed widely adhered all across Zemuria in the Trails Universe. The Church's main headquarters is centred in the Holy Nation of Arteria.


It was founded during the Dark Ages in S.500, where all of Zemuria's population suffered from chaos from the conflicting small and large forces. People began to recover from their propagational devotion towards its teachings bringing order and stability to the whole continent.

The church focuses its doctrine and holiness on Aidios the Sky Goddess, whose sacred texts are officially recorded down as biblical scriptures. While some texts however were safeguarded as prohibited "apocrypha", the religion itself is not a perfect monotheism as it incorporates or at least allows coexistence with other beliefs: the Nord Highlanders additionally believe in the "wind" and the ancient Erebonian spirits.

In the present timeline, the Church has solid authority throughout Zemuria for meriting the "Non-Agression Pact" between Liberl and Erebonia after the Hundred Days War.


Under the Pope's authority, the church functions in three main assemblies.

  • Congregation for Divine Worship (典礼省): Supervises all church rituals and the Sunday Schools.
  • Congregation for the Sacraments (封聖省): The faction which the Gralsritter belong to, supervising the retrieval of artifacts.
  • Papal Guard (僧兵庁): Responsible for Arteria's defenses.