Let's see what we've got? Especially after taking good care of our "child"
—Rudger's intro quote, Trails of Cold Steel III

Rutger Claussell was the leader of the notorious Zephyr Jaeger Corps in the Trails Series. He is the adoptive father of Fie Claussell, who became one of the original Class VII members after his "death".


An elderly, muscular man of tall height who wears the standard black-leather Zephyr uniform for its regimental members. In Rudger's case, a long overcoat over a lime green shirt with white pants and black leather boots and gloves.


From his official profile, Rudger is a determined man with strong resolve. However he has a caring, parental side after taking Fie into the group; and her future should anything happen when the latter is no longer around.

Character Profile

A veteran leader who goes by the epithet “Mercenary Lord,” Rudger Claussell is the leader of Zephyr, one of Zemuria's greatest jaeger corps whose rivalry with the Red Constellation are attributed to be legendary.

His abilities as a professional are greater than any of the top-class combined. He possesses great fighting strength through his “Buster Glaive” that can adapt to any situation on the battlefield. Even the Jaeger Corps acknowledge his superiority when it comes to his elusive strategy.

He strived through life, thirsting for battle until the corps came across a deserted village and encountered a young Fie. With nowhere else to go and seemingly abandoned, Rudger adopted and took her under his wing, and taught her everything he knows with the corps' becoming her new family.

Several years ago, however, a fierce battle unfolded after the Red Constellation and Zephyr were hired by conflicting clients. Deciding to settle things in a final showdown, Rudger and his old rival, Bardur Orlando, fought to the death in a one-on-one fight for three days and three nights. The battle ended in a draw and both leaders fell in a simultaneous defeat.

Rudger took his last breath in front of Fie and the others, and the corps disbanded, causing its remaining members to scatter, but…?[1]


  • Before his actual appearance, he was referred to as one of the deceased when mentioned from "Ao" to "CS2".