我ら《鉄血の子供達》── 閣下の大望のため働くのみです。
All "our" labour is only for the intentions of his excellency.
—Rufus's intro quote, Trails of Cold Steel III

I leave the unseen side of this War of the Lions reenactment in your capable hands.
—Rufus's intro quote, Trails of Cold Steel II

The imperial nobility must stand bold and elegant. Is it not so?
—Rufus's intro quote, Trails of Cold Steel

Rufus Albarea is the eldest son and heir to the Albarea duke household in the Trails of Cold Steel trilogy. Being the older brother of his half-brother, Jusis Albarea, his role plottingly varies from Thors' board director to the Noble Alliance's chief of staff, until ultimately revealing his true allegiance as the primary member of the Ironbloods.


A young blonde man with a single pony-tail style. He wears a tan light-green robe uniform with a brown belt, gold buttons seen on the front & sleeve wrist. Wearing underneath that, is a white long-sleeve dress shirt, companied by a light and dark magenta color scarf place inside with a jewel pin on the front center. Also wearing tan brown pants followed by bronze color boots. He also wears a pin-&-line attached dark-gray cape that stretches down to the back ankles, spread across the chest, and then down beneath the arm; there is also a shoulder pad on the right side as well for a noble appeal feature which it’s attach by a belt from left to right around the waist, plus the cape is also attach by the left shoulder spot.

After becoming governor-general, Rufus wears an inverse theme of his profile uniform where the light-green is replaced by white. His shoulder pad and cape, plus the center front and collars are rendered navy blue.


True to the word noble in both maturity and proper social standing, Rufus is kind and intelligent whose character is befitting of one’s stature, etiquette, and reputation.  His recognition was earned from the fine upbringing taught by good benefactors such as Baron Teo Schwarzer and Governor Carl Regnitz. He has modesty, patience, well-mannered attitude, and able to conduct pleasant conversations even with those of high-class society, his respectful attitude towards both nobles and commoners makes it difficult to hate in the public eye.

Balanced by Rufus's good character is his being omnipotent to all responsibilities as a noble, being able to handle situations properly with the right solutions. This makes Rufus more respected by most who know him, especially his father who holds him in high esteem. Secretly, he sometimes shows a teasing side towards his half-brother Jusis, sometimes able to lightly toy and build humor of nothing of anything bad, which is how Jusis finds himself not being annoyed by his older brother and shows much gratitude as they share a close bond. But Rufus can also be quite thorough in organization, showing skill in coordination of many parties.

Character Profile

A handsome and charming man of excellent charisma, intelligence and kindness, Rufus Albarea stands as one of the most prominent figures of the Imperial Nobility and the Four Great Houses. Dominating upper-class conversations alongside Prince Olivert, he is well-trusted to both the nobles and commoners, and reliable guardian to his younger brother, Jusis being the latter's fencing instructor. Outstanding to his social exterior lies many talents he is capable and magnanimous to, such as being one of Thors's board directors. Despite being candidly able to mingle with commoners better than other nobles, reformists still regard him as a dangerous element that must be watched over carefully.

Henceforth, his allegiance with the nobility precedes as he affiliates with Duke Cayenne and becoming the Noble Alliance's Chief of Staff to reestablish the imperial social order of nobles over commoners. A master tactician who advantageously lead the alliance against the Imperial Army while still an ally to Class VII during the Civil War, deciding to finally remove his father from power for his lamentable actions for power.

It wasn't until the Civil War's climax that he finally stepped in with Altina where they subdued the Duke, and ultimately revealing themselves as undercover Ironblood agents, with Rufus being the primary member (a secret only classified between himself and the Chancellor). Afterwards following Orbosrne's comeback from death, he becomes the general commander of the Crossbell Expeditionary Force that combines the Imperial and provincial armies, he bloodlessly occupied Crossbell City in the blink of an eye. He repelled all subsequent invasions from the Republican Army, and contributed to the insertion of Crossbell into Imperial territory, both in name and application and becoming the annexed state's first governor-general.[1]

Rufus Albarea
(ルーファス・アルバレア, Rūfasu Arubarea)
Level --
HP --
EXP --
STR --
DEF --
ATS --
ADF --
SPD --
Eldest son of the Albarea family, and the alliance’s chief of staff. Highly skilled at court fencing.
Items Dropped
Sepith Dropped
Earth Water Fire Wind Time Space Mirage Frag
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Unbalance Efficacy
Slash War-slash icon.png Thrust War-thrust icon.png Pierce War-pierce icon.png Strike War-strike icon.png
-- -- -- --
Stance 1: Body: -- Head: -- Arms: --
Stance 2: Body: -- Head: -- Arms: --
Stance 3: Body: -- Head: -- Arms: --
Stance 4: Body: -- Head: -- Arms: --
Elemental Efficacy Status Efficacy
Earth --
Tocs - poison status icon.png -- Tocs - seal status icon.png -- Tocs - mute status icon.png -- Tocs - blind status icon.png -- Tocs - sleep status icon.png --
Tocs - burn status icon.png -- Tocs - freeze status icon.png -- Tocs - petrify status icon.png -- Tocs - faint status icon.png -- Tocs - confuse status icon.png --
Tocs - deathblow status icon.png -- Tocs - nightmare status icon.png -- Tocs - delay status icon.png -- Tocs - vanish status icon.png -- Tocs - stat-down status icon.png --
Water --
Fire --
Wind --
Time --
Space --
Mirage --


  • His hobbies are hunting, being taught by Teo Schwarzer.[2]
  • In Cold Steel II, an event happens after managing to survive the boss fight against him (lowering his HP down below half), and earning 3 AP.