Rufina Argent (ルフィナ・アルジェント Rufina Arujennto) is the older sister of Ries Argent and adoptive sister of Kevin Graham in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd. She was deceased prior to the events of the game.


Rufina is shown as a young woman with pink hair tied back in a pony tail. She wears attire of a Gralsritter Knight and a necklace. She has been described as heartfelt and sincere, and overall a lovable person.


Rufina and his younger sister, Ries, found Kevin in an alleyway and brought him back to their home, Aster Orphanage.

When Rufina got older she left her two siblings to become a knight for the Septian Church. Then Kevin followed her lead soon after.

She and Kevin were going to meet up between missions one day, but her train ran late and she had to wait a while longer to go home. Upon her arrival, she was bombarded with news of the orphanage being taken over, more specifically, her sister being held hostage and Kevin going to save her all alone. Rufina ran as fast as she could to help Kevin but the attackers were already taken out by him. However there was a passage open in the wall that had Ries ribbon in front of it and then trailed the staircase to follow suit. Arriving at the bottom, she found her sister unconscious and a stigma engraved in Kevin's soul. Kevin, who had lost his control and free will, was about to attack Ries. Rufina did the only the thing she could do, give her life for her beloved siblings. Kevin's stigma pierced through Rufina countless times which left her with little life. But she held Kevin in her arms until he came back to his senses. Rufina gave her last words and her smile before leaving the world of the living.

In Trails in The Sky: The 3rd, a copy of her is known as "The Lord of Phantasma."


  • She was Kevin and Ries's combat tutor in their respective weaponry.
  • She was very good friends with Ein Selnate.
  • Among the 3rd's unused files, Rufina is shown in a flashback where she sees Georg Weissmann leaving the church.
  • During the final chapter in Ao no Kiseki in the elevator event to the Farthest End, parts of the 3rd opening with Rufina burning in flames is among the background of buoyant memories.