Main Profile

I have something deeply important to me that I have to protect at all costs!
—Rixia's intro quote, Trails of Cold Steel 2

Rixia Mao is a performing artist who works as part of the Arc-en-ciel theater group in the Zero/Ao duology.

She has another identity, an assassin who works for the Hei Yue company in the shadows codenamed as Yin ( In).

Character and Personality

A polite young lady with a strong passion for dancing, but is humble towards her own capabilities. As Yin, her personality shifts to a more confident personality. One that tests the strength of the Crossbell State Police Department. She finds herself questioning the path of being a dancer or an assassin.


Rixia was first introduced in Zero no Kiseki as a talented newcomer for the Arc en Ciel theater group. In the other side, Rixia is feared by those who live in the easterner settlements, as she is “Yin”, the legendary assassin. Born to an assassin family that passes down its teachings to only one member of each generation, she had a hard time finding her way in the world until she met people like Ilya and Lloyd in Crossbell.

During the events of Ao no Kiseki, Rixia is convinced by Lloyd to the point she chose to no longer live as Yin, but rather Rixia Mao the artist.


Best suited as an evasion tank using evergreens. Her craft abilities allow her to pull enemies from long range and give strong speed + strength buffs. She has the highest potential physical damage since her pull can double hit a boss if she is right next to them. Rixia's S-Craft hits all enemies on the screen.

When available in Trials Of Cold Steel II, she acquires an ARCUS Unit, which provides a term of balance that they are much more suited for combat then the Enigma IIs, with only the lose of the variety of arts that were set in the old unit. After acquiring the military technology from Erebonia, allows for Combat Links for those the character is in party with.


During a Hidden Quest in Trails of Cold Steel, it is revealed that Vice-principal Heinrich is a big fan of her.


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