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Ries Argent is a main character and the lead heroine in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd. She is Kevin Graham's squire and Rufina Argent's younger sister.



Ries is a newly appointed squire in the Church's knighthood and the young sister of the church that is assigned to work under Kevin Graham. On appearance she seems to resemble Kloe Rinz in her calm demeanor, but her thought process often put violent solution up front. She is also obsessive in eating food, being capable of devouring large quantities without gaining much weight.


Ries and her older sister, Rufina, were living together in the Aster House, a foster care center ran by the church in Alteria. The two of them first met with Kevin on the street's corner. Because of Rufina's persistent action, Kevin decided to live together with them.

Both Rufina and Kevin decided to become knights of the Septian Church, Ries was the last one at the orphanage of the trio.

One day, the house was attacked by Jaegers and Ries was held hostage after being knocked unconscious. She woke up to the cleaning and repairs of the house as well as the news of her sister, Rufina, was dead.

Kevin left Ries behind without telling her the truth of what had happened that day. Ries, determined to find Kevin and the truth, trained to become a squire of the church. Five years had passed after Rufina's death and Kevin's disappearance from her life. She had become a squire, Kevin's squire, appointed to him by Ein Selnate. The faithful day of hers and Kevin's reunion struck the main story plot for The Legend of Heroes: Trails in The Sky The 3rd.


Ries is a well rounded character that focuses more on physical attack, her weapon is a Gralsritter's commonly issued Templar Sword, which is a whip-sword. Her craft and orbment line very similar to Kevin can make of her the perfect healer, casting spells even faster than Kloe.


  • Her name, Reese, can be an alternate spelling to the name Reese, Rees, Rhys and other variants, meaning "ardent" and "fiery".
    • This is suitable due to the correlation in fiery and both her hair and character.
  • She is good friends with Elie MacDowell, a main heroine from Zero no Kiseki duology.
  • Ries and Renne butt heads together until Estelle breaks up their quarrels.
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