ねぇ、お名前教えてくれる? レン、お姉さんのことなんて呼んだらいいのかしら?
Excuse me, Can you tell me your name? Renne, how should I call onee-chan better?
—Renne, Sora no Kiseki SC HD-Kai

Renne Hayworth (レン・ヘイワース Ren Heiwāsu) is an 11-year old girl met early in the story of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC. This article contains story elements that take place over many games, stretching from SC to CS IV. It is advised to proceed at one's discretion.



Renne appears as a young girl wearing a white dress. She has violet hair and carries a large scythe.


She appears to be an ordinary girl who is childish, mischievous and prone to pranks, like playing hide and seek; but there are times she can act mature beyond her age.


Spoiler warning: This page contains story plot and may reveal certain information that will spoil your game play experience. The game plays added in this page may only be best for those who have completed the game. (Skip section)

Renne is an advanced agent of Ouroboros, but it is later revealed in Zero no Kiseki that she belonged to the Hayworths, a common merchant family in Crossbell. 7 years prior to Zero, her family ran into a huge debt so her parents left Renne in the care of their acquaintance while managing to solve their financial problems for a year. Tragically by the time Renne's parents came to retrieve her, all they discovered was their acquaintance's house burning to the ground and all the residents were incinerated. Renne's parents were grieved and guilt-ridden over the fact their daughter wouldn't have died if they hadn't left her, but in truth she was mysteriously abducted and experimented by a mysterious cult. While Renne's past is explained during Zero, the truth of Renne's existence remains shrouded from her parents, unaware that their daughter is still alive.


  • Renne has doctorates in Science, Mathematics, and Information Theory.