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The Red Constellation (赤い星座 Akai Seiza) is one of the most powerful Jaeger Corps in the entire Zemuria continent of the Trails Universe.


Dating back to the Dark Ages, the corps began as a warrior clan called the Orlando Berserkers.[1] Since then under the family tradition, the Orlandos have kept the clan under its leadership through future generations till it eventually expanded as the mightiest warmongers that ever walked the land. Any Orlando family member with leadership potential is honored the legendary title "War God (闘神)", after clearing a series of trials to test their worthiness.

As of the present timeline, not a single jaeger corp can outmatch them other than Zephyr, their life-long adversary whose rivalry is legendarily known throughout the continent. Always competing for the title of the continent's strongest, the two corps continually clash on frequent occasions to fight on opposite sides in the battlefield.

However as of S1203, the two corps' leaders decided to settled things in a final confrontation, where the duel lasted for three days and three nights straight until both leaders.


After the death of both leaders, the Zephyr disbanded shortly thereafter while the Constellation's leadership fell onto Sigmund Orlando after the desertion of their legal successor.


The Corps stands to its vermilion name leaving things behind in destructive trails of blazing glory such as their assault on Crossbell City.[2] Extremely skilled in destructive firepower and various firearms like most jaegers, they are also formidable in other combat scenarios such as using great swords, trained cougars and orbalships for aerial assaults.

Member Roster

Name Nickname Customized Weapon Status
Bardur Orlando 闘神 (War God) ??? Deceased
Sigmund Orlando 赤の戦鬼 (Crimson War Phantom) Dual Bisentos Active
Randolph Orlando 闘神の息子 (Son of the War God)
赤い死神 (Crimson Reaper)
Berserger (Blade Rifle) Defected
Shirley Orlando 血染めのシャーリィ (Bloody Shirley) Testarossa (Chainsaw Rifle) Active
Garreth 閃撃 (Flash Strike?) Sniper Rifle Active
Zachs Great Sword Active
Minnes Defected


  • The original red scorpion emblem as seen in the present was the founder's personal sigil.
  • Like all organizations in the criminal society, they run dummy businesses for laundering their personal finances. In their case, they run the "Crimson & Co. (クリムゾン商会)", a high-end entertainment business in Erebonia.
  • The Capua Family were one of the victimized by Minnes' schemes.


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