This page is comprised of Rean's relationships with other characters in the Kiseki universe.

Class VII

Alisa Reinford

The "accident"

Finally, they made amends

Rexali confessing.jpeg

Rean's classmate and canonical love interest. Alisa is the first student Rean meets the day he arrives in Trista. It was eventually revealed that Alisa met Rean when her family took a trip to Ymir and she wandered off lost as a child. Rean eventually found her and gave her a snow bunny as an offering. Their relationship gets off to a rocky start at the beginning of Class VII's orientation, though, when Alisa landed on Rean's face chest-first when Rean tried to save her from falling. Despite the misunderstanding, Alisa slapped him for the insolence. It took a while for them before they finally apologized to each other for that incident, despite Alisa being the one who was in the wrong. Like all of the persuadable love interests and friends, their friendship - or their romantic feelings, if the player chose to attend her bond events - steadily progressed until the Aristocrat Alliance finally made their move towards the academy. If Alisa is chosen as his dance partner during the festival, Alisa gives Rean her "waiting" words while the class bides time for Rean to escape on Valimar.

After Rean reached the Nord Highlands, Alisa embraces Rean with tears for the first time since they parted. From that point on, only if she is pursued by the player, their relationship eventually blossoms into mutual feelings during the Imperial Civil war. She shows obvious signs that she has feelings for Rean by getting jealous whenever another girl is around him or hears of a girl (having fun or a good time) with him.

In Trails of Cold Steel III, Alisa has become more comfortable with her feelings towards Rean, if only a little. Unfortunately, the choices of the player in prior games does not carry over to Cold Steel III, therefore their relationship is still initially platonic. However, the obvious signs of Alisa's "crush" still manifest when she's teased or asked by any character about her association with Rean. If the player reaches max bonding with Alisa, they can choose for Rean to express his feelings for Alisa which she reciprocates and the two kiss. However, they never become an official couple, due to their abrupt separation by the final chapter's events.

In Trails of Cold Steel IV, the player can carry over their saved data, and therefore Rean's prior relationship with Alisa. Alisa once again expresses her love for Rean, yet finds herself conflicted due to complications and issues with her family. Therefore, she initially decides to bury her feelings for Rean, and asks him to continue their relationship only as friends. Their interactions are somewhat awkward for a period of time after. Once her familial issues are resolved, Alisa thanks Rean for always standing beside her, as he is a pillar of strength for her. Rean replies by saying that he hopes their (romantic) relationshhip has a chance, to which Alisa says, she believes it does. During the Mishelam stay over, Rean and Alisa fully express their love for each other, become a couple, and consumate the relationship. At the end of the game, Rean is shown having a framed photo of Alisa and himself on his desk. After receiving an orbmail from her, Rean leaves his room (implying he's going to meet Alisa), to which the game ends.

It is this editor's observation that Alisa is popular as a character and love interest to Japanese players, and other women (primarily Fie and Laura) are popular as love interests to American players. The editor cannot yet infer what this means.

A small memory

Elliot Craig

One of Rean's best friends since orientation. Elliot is one of the people who supported Rean throughout the game. Elliot originally wanted to enroll in a musical academy but due to Rean's and his other classmate's influence, he started to like being in Thors Military Academy and even admitted that he didn't regret enrolling in said academy.

Laura S. Arseid

Rean's classmate and potential love interest. Rean and Laura get along very well due to their similar values as well as their consistent pursuits to improve each other. Laura is often very serious and lacks typical feminine qualities. Laura is the daughter of Viscount Arseid - also known as the Radiant Blademaster - who she strives to one day surpass. Laura has a strong sense of justice and devotes her life to her swordsmanship which is why she takes pride in her craft. Laura originally had much trouble accepting contrasting beliefs from her own such as Rean's and Fie's refusal to fully use their powers. Eventually, Laura lets go of her knightly pride and accepts Fie's lazy demeanour and Jaeger past and bonds well with Rean through sparring and appreciating his way of the sword. It is implied through different bonding events that Laura develops romantic feelings for Rean in the first game. This affection can become reciprocated by Rean if pursued by the player.

Should the player choose Laura as the romance route in CS II, she admits that she's come to love Rean through their time together in Class VII. Towards the end of CS II, Laura invites Rean to join her in advanced Arseid school training with her father. Rean declines the invitation (for reasons that the editor of this article will never understand!).

Should the player romance Laura in CS III, she admits that during their year training separately, Rean never left her mind. Whenever she trained alone, Rean was constantly in her mind's eye.

Gaius Worzel

One of Rean's best friends since orientation. He is also one of the people who supported Rean throughout the story. Gaius is a calm individual and easy to get along with, so he has little trouble befriending those he meets.

Emma Millstein

Rean's classmate and a potential love interest. Emma is known to be a smart and reliable person so her classmates hold her in high regard. However, she sometimes uses her witch abilities when they're in a pinch, raising suspicions among her classmates about her identity. Rean is fully aware of this but still decided to trust Emma. Emma is implied to have romantic feelings for Rean based on her character events in the first game, and these feelings can turn into mutual affection in the second game if she is pursued by the player.

Emma has arguably done the most for Rean out of all the Class VII members. Not only did she constantly monitor him during CS I, but her familiar Celine constantly followed Rean in CS II, she constructed a Hexen Clan amulet to monitor Rean's ogre power in CS III, Celine accompanied Rean in CS IV, she healed his wounds in CS IV, and her clan devised Rean's wardrobe in CS IV.

Machias Regnitz

His relationship with Machias was normal until Machias found out that he was actually a noble (the reason why he was mad was because Rean wasn't able to tell the truth; Machias is not fond of liars). After the events of Chapter 2, the two were able to reconcile when Machias apologized for overreacting.

Machias is the first Class VII friend he comes across in CS II following his month-long absense. Their reunion is touching.

Jusis Albarea

Jusis was initially cold towards the Class VII and had a cynical attitude. Although, his ice-like attitude began to melt after the events of chapter 2 since Rean managed to chat with him when they were resting at the inn. As the story advances, he begins to open up to everyone and becomes friends with Class VII. He's eventually convinced to try and talk with the other nobles who were genuinely interested in getting to know him, provided that Rean goes with him.

Millium Orion

Rean's classmate and potential love interest. An Ironblood, she's initially sent to Thors Academy for a secret mission. She eventually develops a genuine bond with every member of Class VII by the time they reach the final dungeon. In the second game, she and Rean can share mutual feelings if she's pursued, though she teases him for it. And out of all the girls in the game, she's the most playful.

Fie Claussell

Rean's classmate and potential love interest. An ex-member of the Zephyr Brigade, part of the Jaeger Corps, Fie is notably laconic and detached from the rest of the group. Rean and Emma eventually get her to open up and she and the others become good friends. Like the others, they can develop romantic feelings for each other if Fie is pursued as Rean's girlfriend.


This section primarily deals with events from CS III and onwards. It is advised for readers to proceed at their own discretion.

Juna Crawford

Juna Crawford and Rean Schwarzer share important parallels. They are the de facto leaders of their respective Class VIIs. They are driven to lead because of their very strong senses of justice. Where they diverge is how much flack the two are willing to take from others. Juna has a very low tolerance towards people who get in her way. Rean puts up with a lot of government and military nonsense, much more than Juna could stomach. Thus, Rean follows orders from his government that Juna would find unacceptable. One such order was Rean's order to lead the annexation of Crossbell, her home city.

Juna behaves like a classic tsundere towards Rean. She at first has a terrible opinion of him. She freely vents her opinions towards Rean, even in earshot of other students and faculty. Though Rean has a tough skin, even Randy Orlando (as Juna's instructor and fellow Crossbell citizen) has berated her. She hates Rean at first because he represents to her the Erebonian soldier: one who follows government orders and conquers her hometown. She loops him in the with the group of Erebonian ultranationalists, who enjoyed conquering Crossbell and taking away Crossbell civil liberties. In other words, she associates Rean with the archetypal Erebonian soldier: conquering, calculating, following orders from superiors. It didn't matter that Rean was none of these things; Juna made Rean out to be the poster boy of what she hated about Erebonians.

Yet, Juna knows better than this. She knows Rean is more than just a war hero who conquered Crossbell. When Rean was active in Crossbell as the Ashen Chevalier, he saved Juna's and her siblings' lives from Calvardian airships. Before the two officially met, he was already saving her life. Early on, Juna saw Rean's selflessness and care for civilians.

Juna's internal conflict is this: it's much easier to hate Rean for what he represents than to do the hard work of actually getting to know Rean. Juna's character arc is in coming to terms with her conflicting feelings towards Rean. This process takes all of CS III. It reaches a climax during Class VII's trip to Crossbell during CS III. There, all the visiting Erebonian personalities and enemies hammered into Juna that they were there to oppress the Crossbell people. Thus, Juna grouped Rean with this same group of Erebonians. On top of the Orchis Tower, she yelled, "Why are you allowing this to happen?" at Rean. The conflict was that Rean was not at all there in Crossbell to oppress their citizens. He instead was there to firstly teach Class VII and secondly relieve the Crossbell people of problems with Orobouros.

Juna comes to terms with herself about Rean towards the end of the Crossbell chapter in CS III for several reasons: she realizes Rean is not and never was the real enemy; he genuinely cares about helping people and civilians; Rean is indeed a great teacher; Rean is much more admirable than he is detestable; and finally, Juna's siblings (who mean the world to her) think the world of the Ashen Chevalier.

Juna's next internal conflict is in admitting to others (particularly Rean) how much Rean actually means to her. She starts this process in CS III during the Crossbell arc by admitting to Kurt and Altina how she felt when the Ashen Knight towered over her and her siblings. But she stilll doesn't feel comfortable admitting this to Rean until much later, by CS IV. Thus, bottling up this emotion eats away at Juna. Perhaps she, like we all do in reality, didn't realize how good a man Rean was until she actually lost him.

Juna becomes instrumental in CS IV in rescuing Rean. Following the tragedy at the climax of CS III, when old Class VII is licking their wounds, she kicks them back into high gear. She demands they get back to work in uncovering Rean's whereabouts. Old Class VII is so impressed with her zeal that they indeed are recentered. They praise Juna's leadership during the first act of CS IV.

Kurt Vander

Rean Schwarzer's relationship with Kurt Vander is the most straightforward out of all his students. This is because Kurt does not give into outbursts (as does Juna), he is not passive aggressive (as Ash is), and he does not flirt with Rean (as Musse does). Instead, Kurt is frank towards Rean, and Rean in return.

Rean helps Kurt find purpose as a student, and also more broadly in his life. By the start of CS III, Kurt Vander had lost his major purpose in life. By tradition, the Vander family's raison d'etre was protecting the Arnor family. This is exemplified in Prince Olivert's and Mueller Vander's relationship, and to a lesser extent, Eugent III's relationship with Matteus Vander. However, political circumstances following the aftermath of the October Civil War distanced the Arnor and Vander families. Mueller Vander was transferred far away from Prince Olivert's side, and Prince Cedric released Kurt Vander from Kurt's responsibility to protect him. Cedric's release of Kurt from his service is not at all liberating; Kurt no longer has a purpose for training. It takes time under Instructor Rean's tutelage for Kurt to find new confidence in himself.

Instructor Rean teaches Kurt confidence by insisting that Kurt follow his own heart.

Altina Orion

TCS3 Mar162017 01.jpg

Rean's first encounter with Altina was far from a cordial one, with the latter abducting his sister. However, upon the two meeting again aboard the Pantagruel, Rean appears to hold no enmity towards her, seeming even sympathetic to her situation; an act Altina misinterprets as advances on her. Two years after the civil war's end, Altina, after being revealed to be a member of the Ironbloods, is sent into Thors' Thors Military Academy - Leeves II Campus as a "student" in the new Class VII, following Rean's decision to become and instructor. Her motivations behind joining Class VII are her own; however, her interest in the class becomes genuine.

Rean becomes a real mentor to Altina during her time in Class VII. He encourages her to pursue whatever she truly wants. For a girl who is trained to follow superiors' directives, thinking and deciding for herself was a tremendous hurdle.

Her concern for Rean's well-being is genuine. Having worked alongside Rean for close to a year as part of Erebonian special ops, she has seen Rean's ogre power first hand and has come to sense when Rean has exhausted himself in his ogre form. Altina shows immense concern whenever Rean pushes himself in his ogre form. As demonstrated in the outskirts of Parm, Rean's reliance on his ogre power worries Altina immensely. Though Altina is considered an emotionless and directive-following girl, she bursts into intense emotions out of concern for Rean's well-being. Her emotional outbursts for Rean's sake indicate multiple things to Rean and the other Class VII students: that Altina is indeed very capable of emotions, and that Rean has come to mean much to her.

Altina has come to mean much to Rean in return. Her absense in the finale of CS III compels all of Class VII to figure out where she is and rescue her. This leads to the climax of CS III, which will not be spoiled any further in this article.

Ash Carbide

Ash Carbide and Rean started with the most confrontational relationship. Ash confronted Rean differently than Juna confronted Rean.

Yet, their terrible first impression of each other expands into a real working relashionship later by CS III. Ash along with Musse joins Class VII

Musse Egret

Despite her bold flirts and raunchy suggestions to Rean, Musse Egret is one of the few characters who genuinely likes Rean from the beginning. This is for specific reasons. She already knows much of Rean Schwarzer from Elise and Alfin themselves. This is because, prior to joining the Thors Branch Campus, Musse was a student at St. Astraia's Girls Academy. There, she was already friends with both Elise and Alfin. From them, she learned much about Rean, and also about Elise's infatuation with him. Additionally, she likes Rean because he is a powerful instrument for her personal gains. Musse Egret hides her genuine attraction towards Rean by ironically highlighting how attracted she is to him. This makes nobody take her seriously, which makes everyone underestimate her. She therefore dupes everybody, including Rean. Her very few serious moments with Rean, when she turns of her persona of "Musse" and instead is the young woman "Musse" have real gravitas. This happens during Rean's and Musse's final bonding moment in CS III.


Elise Schwarzer


Elise loves Rean fully as her brother. Rean returns these sibling affections. However, Elise's feelings towards Rean run deeper; it is heavily implied that she is in love with Rean. Rean does not reciprocate this kind of attention. He instead is quite protective of her as a devoted older brother and feels no romantic affection towards her whatsoever.

Teo & Lucia Schwarzer

His parents loved and raised him as their son. Although Rean was aware of their devotion, Rean thought of joining the Erebonian military since he thinks he did not deserve to become the next Baron Schwarzer. He and the rest of Class VII eventually visit them in the Drama CD. At the beginning of Cold Steel II, Baron Teo is gravely injured following a jaeger attack on the village of Ymir. With care from friends and family, however, he eventually recovers. At the end of the game, Baron Teo reveals that he knows a secret regarding Rean's history that he will reveal to him after the party returns from the planned liberation of Heimdallr.

Teo Schwarzer divulges more about the circumstances behind Rean's adoption during CS III. What was shared between the two will not be spoiled in this article. Needless to say, it is profound. Rean's response was frank: Teo was always his father, and will continue to be so.


Elements of certain characters in this section may spoil events in CS III or IV. It is advised to proceed at one's discretion.

Sara Valestein

Rean's teacher and potential love interest. Rean thinks of her as a carefree and laid-back teacher but nevertheless respects her and will occasionally rely on her during certain situations. Sara likes to tease Rean and would rely on him from time to time. They have a close relationship in general.

Sara's flippant behavior and disregard for sobriety (in both senses: abstinence and in having a sobering disposition) actually belies deeper issues. Her facade masks past trauma and challenges. Rean has been observant enough to see past her facade early on, which has impressed Sara. However, Sara did not feel comfortable opening up about her past to Rean until CS III.

Towa Herschel

Rean and Towa dancing.

Rean's senior and potential love interest. Rean would often help her fulfill student council requests. The two worry about each other a lot since they are both workaholics. Like the rest of the girls that can be pursued in-game, it's implied in the first game that Towa has a crush on Rean if the player attends her bonding events. Examples of this are when Towa accidentally said that she really wanted to go to the grocer to shop with Rean even though she denies it while blushing, and when Rean caught her when she fell from the step ladder.

Their relationship develops throughout CS II because both play fundamental roles onboard the Courageous. Towa is the captain, and Rean is the leader of Class VII and of the assault operations.

Towa Herschel and Rean Schwarzer further their relationship by joining the faculty to the Thors Branch Campus Military Academy. She teaches Economics. He teaches History.

Angelica Rogner

George Nome

George Nome is Rean's senior at Thors Military Academy. He is a gifted engineering student, and offers to upgrade Rean's and Class VII ARCUS units.

By CS II, George Nome offers to upgrade Valimar's swords and orbments.

Olivert Reise Arnor

Rean represents the zenith of Class VII, which is Prince Olivert's brainchild. Thus, the success Rean and the other Class VII achieve demonstrates how successful Olivert's idea is. Thus, Prince Olivert takes a special interest in cultivating all of Class VII. Rean is fundamental to Prince Olivert's efforts.

Rean has been instrumental in protecting Olivert's family. Olivert is frankly in Rean's debt, time and time again. He saved Prince Olivert's life indirectly during CS I when he and Class VII prevented the orbal canons from firing upon Crosbell City, where the Crossbell Trade Conference (where Prince Olivert and other celebrities were attending) happened. In CS II, not only did he rescue Alfin from the Noble Faction's captivity, but he (and Crow) also rescued Prince Cedric from the Infernal Palace during the climax. This certainly makes Olivert think highly of Rean Schwarzer.

Emperor Eugent has also shared very personal information with Rean regarding Prince Olivert's background and legitimacy to the throne. This demonstrates how intimately and trusting the Arnor family is towards Rean.

Toval Randonneur

Alfin Reise Arnor  

Alfin at dinner.jpg

The princess of Erebonia and a potential love interest in the second game. Her affection for Rean is vague in the first game as she invited Rean to the summer festival to dance with her, but she does this only to tease her best friend since she's aware that Elise has a crush on her brother. They nevertheless have a (one-sidedly, and much to Rean's chagrin) close relationship and she asked him to consider her as his little sister as well. 

Their relationship develops further during CS II. Rean single-handedly rescues Princess Alfin from Noble Faction captivity. At this point, Princess Aflin's interest in Rean grows into something genuine, verging on an infatuation.

By CS III, the three's relationship (Alfin, Rean, and Elise) grows so strong that Alfin adopts Rean as her "honorary sibling". Rean already knows about adoption; thus, this was no problem!

Victor S. Arseid

Victor S. Arseid is effectively Rean's and Class VII's semi-mentor. His interest in Class VII lies in that his daughter is a member. His interest in Rean particularly is that he is a promising young swordsman who is capable of much but does not take his craft seriously. To kick Rean's swordsmanship into high gear, Victor Arseid offers to duel him one-on-one in CS I. He sensed perhaps what Laura sensed in Rean: a dormant power in Rean that Rean is suppressing instead of embracing. Victor's interest was in awakening that talent. When the Viscount wipes the floor with Rean, Victor Arseid demands Rean awaken his suppressed talent. Rean awakens his ogre power in order to properly duel the Viscount in their second round. Though Rean's performs substantially better, the Radiant Blademaster is leagues beyond Rean. Their duel exhausts Rean. Victor Arseid counsels Rean afterwards to not hold back and instead figure out how to channel his power.

Victor Arseid's presence in Class VII is generally as the captain of Prince Olivert's flagship, the Courageous. However, during his time as the captain, Rean interacts with the Viscount during CS I and II.

Should Rean choose Laura as the romance option, Victor Arseid takes a special interest in Rean. This culminates at the climax of CS II when (in this route), Laura invites Rean to participate with her and her father in advanced Arseid school training. However, Rean declines this invitation (which the editor of this article will never fully understand!) for reasons of his own. The two (Laura and Rean) break apart temporarily in order to master their separate sword crafts.

Aurelia le Guin

Aurelia Le Guin is the principal of Thors Branch Campus, and Rean's boss. The two had met briefly during the October Civil War (CS II). Because the Erebonian government considered both as wildcards, the two were transferred to the Branch Campus. They are both monitored by the Imperial Government.

Aurelia Le Guin's admiration of Rean grows throughout CS III for multiple reasons. He is a blossoming swordsmaster, and she wants to test his mettle. Multiple times they have dueled each other, and though Le Guin remains on a different tier entirely, Rean's progress is impressive. What does irk Le Guin is Rean's refusal to integrate his ogre power form, which augments his strength. Because she is so no-nonsense, she rejects Rean's refusal to utilize his power. Why would Rean handicap himself by not developing his ogre power?

Following the assault on Juno Fortress, which Aurelia and Rean (and friends) beat back, the two debrief their mission with Viscount Arseid. To mark Victor's and Aurelia's reunion (as teacher and pupil), the two duel to see who is superior. This is the "passing of the mantle" from Victor Arseid to Aurelia Le Guin. Following this duel, the two swordsmasters offer to duel Rean and his Class VII peers (Laura, Sara, and Fie). Laura licks her chops at that prospect, and the four hold on for dear life.

Aurelia Le Guin is instrumental in CS IV during the mission to recover Rean from captivity.


These characters are so multi-dimensional that the binary "Friend" and "Enemy" sections fail to capture their relationships with Rean. Thus, they are outlined in this section. The events depicted go across all four Cold Steel games, and it is advised to read at one's discretion.

Crow Armbrust

Rivalry between the 2 knights

Crow Armbrust is Rean's best friend. Initially, Crow approaches Rean in Rean's first year at Thors and cons 50 mira out of him. As they continue to meet throughout and outside of bonding events regardless of whether or not you spend alone time with him, Rean begins to consider Crow a friend like the rest of Class VII - or a 'partner in crime' as he puts it by the time the festival dance comes around. Their relationship is easy, brotherly, and casual to the point where Crow jokingly flirts with Rean on multiple occasions. Like Millium, it's shown in the first game's final dungeon that Crow's bonds with and feelings for Class VII were indeed genuine; this is especially true for Rean. If Crow is chosen as Rean's dance partner, he mentions what Rean told him during the festival and laughs at it when he leaves the Academy.

By CS II, Crow leaves Thors and Class VII behind, prompting Rean, Towa, Angelica, George, and the rest of Class VII (plus Thors' students) to relentlessly chase him around Erebonia because they still considered him their friend despite his attempts to beat them down (successfully) and cut them out of his life (unsuccessfully). The chase for Crow gets to the point that Crow kidnaps Rean and Valimar, and reveals his past to a frustrated, but sympathetic Rean. In the final showdown, after Rean and Class VII defeats Crow and =Vita, and Crow in a knight battle, Duke Cayenne lets loose Vermillion Apocalypse, and Rean, along with Class VII and the help of Vita and Crow, defeat all stages. Just as Rean was rescuing Prince Cedric from inside the monster, Crow is stabbed through his divine knight and through the heart trying to pave a way for Rean. As Rean comes back to the top floor, everyone gathers around to see Crow bleeding. Emma tries to heal Crow but Crow soon dies in the arms of Rean. In the credits, the song "I'll Remember You" was dedicated to him.

Crow is effectively absent in CS III because he is presumed dead. However, questions remain over the circumstances of Crow's death in CS II. Angelica was particularly intrigued by those circumstances, and investigated. She had learned very important secrets, and paid the price for them. What happened to her is explored in CS IV, and on her wiki page.

It is not until CS IV that Crow is confirmed to be very much alive and very much involved in the Divine Knight Rivalry ritual. The guilt of his absence during all of CS III compels Crow (along with Duvalie the Swift) to aid in Rean's rescue. He frames it as "paying off that mountain of interest" for that 50 mira coin from CS I. Yet, once Crow's help for Rean is completed, Crow defaults back as a divine knight rival. Rean and Crow stage a divine knight rivalry in the ruins of Bryonia. Though these battles are supposed to be so intense that only one victor triumphs alive, Rean saved Crow's life through his divine knight. This influx of mana effectively made Crow's divine knight subservient to Rean's divine knight. Though Rean never sought Crow's subservience, Rean is very happy to finally have good ol' Crow back with his Class VII group. Finally, it looks like he's here to stay (again).

Claire Rieveldt

Claire's and Rean's relationship grew fast during CS I and CS II. However, Rean's and Claire's opinion of Giliath Osborne keeps the two from furthering their relationship. Claire greatly admires Osborne (she is an Ironblood), but Rean dreads Osborne. There is no reconciling their opinions of the Chancellor, and this frankly burdens their friendship from developing further. Their relationship first sours following the climax of CS II, when Rean's and Osborne's shared history is finally revealed. Rean accuses Claire of having kept that secret to herself, even though she attested that she never knew. This confrontation was their largest setback.

Their roles in the Erebonian government, plus their opinion of Osborne, plus Osborne's plans for both Claire and Rean make their friendship fluctuate up and down throughout CS III. Rean at this point keeps Claire Rievelt at arm's distance. Additionally, Rean during CS III acts as an intermediary between Claire Rievelt and her cousin, Major Michael Irving. The two experienced a family feud which neither have fully resolved. Rean learns of both sides to this past family feud, and aids in resolving it for good.

Claire admires Rean's empathic awareness of others' feelings, and his ability to put into words about herself what she sometimes cannot say (this is a common theme with the young women's opinion of Rean: he is sensitive to others' feelings, and can articulate those feelings back to the ladies. The editor of this article suggests young men should pay attention to this skill).

By CS IV, political circumstances force the two to stand opposed. This is not easy for either to bear.

Duvalie the Swift

Duvalie the Swift is the headstrong head knight of the Stahlritter who has frequently confronted Rean and Class VII. She makes a brief appearance ferociously chowing down her meal "for the sake of my master!" in Ymir's tavern.

They have most frequently butted heads during CS III. She ties with McBurn as the most frequently dueled opponent in the whole CS series (around seven confrontations). She holds a secret admiration for Rean Schwarzer for multiple reasons: he is a blossoming swordsmaster (one who'd one day be worthy to duel her), and because he is as headstrong and stubborn as she is. Despite her strength of body and will, Rean constantly equals or even outdoes Duvalie. This is no easy feat. She does not hide her secret admiration very well; the other Stahlritter endlessly tease Duvalie about how smitten she is with Rean.

By CS IV, Duvalie is torn between her loyalty to the Stahlritter (and the Lance Maiden), and her compassion for Rean's predicament. Crow Armbrust bluntly stated Dvualie's ultimatum: stand by the Orobouros and Lance Maiden, or side with Rean and release him from bondage. She takes her stance. She is instrumental in the mission to recover Rean.


Giliath Osbourne

Giliath Osbourne induces true dread in Rean (and in Prince Olivert). Neither can hope to comprehend Osbourne's machinations.

Giliath Osbourne shares a specific relationship with Rean Schwarzer that is revealed in the climax of CS II and should not be spoiled in this article. In the beginning, Giliath only seems passingly interested in Rean as he addresses and thanks Class VII for their decisive actions during the Summer Festival; Rean himself feels a strong discomfort in his chest. Rean sees Giliath again as he's passing on the VIP train and his chest begins acting up again at the sight.

It's unknown whether or not Giliath actually cares for Rean, but it is implied that he does through the flashback when he left him in the mountains near Ymir. Rean, on the other hand, only ever shows discomfort around Giliath at first, and then intense dread later on.

CS III is all about Rean's attempt to understand Giliath Osborne's political machinations. Needless to say, Rean figures them out much too late.

McBurn, Enforcer no. I

McBurn is officially the most powerful enforcer in Orobouros. Only Loewe (who was the former Enforcer no. II), was considered an equal match. This makes him the most dangerous opponent Rean and Class VII encounter. What prevents McBurn from simply obliterating Rean and Class VII (any any of his opponents for that matter), is his apathy towards unworthy opponents. When McBurn does not consider an opponent worthy for him to unleash his real strength, McBurn is too lazy to defeat his opponent properly. During these confrontations, McBurn simply exits the fight without even killing his opponent. McBurn stays only when he sees fights worth his time. Thus, over the course of the games, it is McBurn's odd way of praising Rean's progression when McBurn "turns up the heat" during a fight.

What makes McBurn take an interest in Rean is that he senses Rean's ogre power within him. Rean's ogre power is very similar to McBurn's internal power (whose nature is explored in CS IV). When Rean unleashes his ogre power in full force towards McBurn, McBurn senses a good fight coming. This arouses McBurn's internal power. Thus, McBurn is interested in Rean because of the power Rean hides. McBurn lusts to fight worthy opponents.

McBurn is so wildly powerful that he claims he can single-handedly duel Rean piloting Valimar. This duel was not specifically depicted.


Lloyd Bannings

How the two heroes and their worlds collide

Due to circumstances, the two of them met as enemies and fought each other during their brief meeting during Rean's time in Crossbell. As they fought, Rean was surprised by Lloyd's fighting capabilities as he hadn't expected much from a detective whereas Lloyd was similarly surprised by Rean's swordsmanship at his age. This implies a sign of respect between the two for their skills.

Afterwards, Rean decides to let Lloyd and his partner Rixia go as arrest warrants hadn't been issued for them yet. He later expresses jealousy over Lloyd for having a sure heart.

Later on during the third game, after the crisis in Crossbell was resolved in Chapter 2, Lloyd is seen from a distance raising his fist at Rean while smiling as the latter leaves by train. Rean sees this and returns the gesture with his own. Rean's opinion of Lloyd increases as he gets to know Lloyd and the SSS's history through Randy Orlando in CS III. The two are faculty and become fast friends. Through Randy, Rean learns of the SSS and its contributions to Crossbell.

In CS IV, Lloyd and the SSS contribute to uncovering Rean's whereabouts.

Estelle and Joshua Bright

Rean had only hints of the two's existence peppered in throughout CS II and CS III. It is not until CS IV that the three protagonists officially meet. However, Rean does know of their father, Cassius Bright, because Rean and Cassius are disciples of the same school of swordsmanship. Thus, Rean's teacher, Yun Ka Fei, spoke much and very highly of Cassius to Rean.

Cassius Bright

Rean and Cassius Bright had not met officially until CS IV; however, both had known of each other based on their shared swordsmanship school. Yun Ka Fai was their shared teacher. He used to speak of Cassius Bright to Rean Schwarzer.

Arios Maclaine

Rean and Arios know of each other for the same reason as Rean knows of Cassius: all three are disciples of the same swordsmaster. The Eight Leaves One Blade school is very exclusive, and when one disciple sneezes, the other turn around and say, "bless you". He is spotted briefly alongside Lloyd and KeA Bannings during the Crossbell Chapter of CS III.