The Azure Knight, Ordine (蒼の騎神 オルディーネ Ao no Koshin Orudiine), one of seven Divine Knights of ancient Erebonian legend. Its appearance takes the form of a blue humanoid the height of two story building. Its Awakener was Crow Armbrust until his death.


The Azure Knight lies dormant in the city of Ordis under watch of the exiled Hexan Clan member, Vita Clotilde, until she guided the teenage 16-year-old Crow Armbrust into its hidden grounds. Then one after another, Crow overcame the same trials as Rean did single-handedly in the Old Schoolhouse, proving himself as Ordine's Awakener. Afterward, he had a special weapon developed for Ordine to wield just like his own, a double saber made of Zemurian Ore. 3 years later, Crow would meet another potential Awakener and future adversary: Rean Schwarzer.

Trails of Cold Steel

Ordine made its public debut Railway Military Police Captain Claire Rieveldt its awakener's hidden identity as "C", the terrorist leader of the Imperial Liberation Front. It flies towards off to Thors Military Academy where its confronted and revealed the ruse in front of Class VII. The odds were turned after Rean managed to summon Valimar, the Divine Knight that played dormant in the Old Schoolhouse. He and Rean engaged in a mecha battle which resulted in Rean's defeat and forcing Valimar to retreat and taking control of the academy with the aid of the Noble Alliance.

Trails of Cold Steel II

Crow still pilots Ordine as the Noble Alliance's "ace-in-the-hole". When the Pantagruel invades Ymir confronting Class VII and company again, he and Rean's Valimar fought in a rematch with Crow, but still gains the upperhand due to piloting experience.

Eventually during their final battle, Rean won against Crow in their duel of Divine Knights. But they were forced to join sides to face off against the Vermillion Apocalypse. To which at the end result, Ordine’s cockpit was stabbed, fatally wounding Crow to the heart, before slowly dying while surrounded by his classmates of Class VII.


  • Personality: Like Valimar, Ordine seems to hold an Artificial Intelligence, sounding like a noble knight while being more friendly towards Crow Armbrust.
  • Battle Scope: A Divine Knight with Crow as his Awakener. Wields such power no one can hope to compare.

When piloted by Crow Armbrust, Ordine performs better efficiency when it’s Awakener has his Divine Knight wield a weapon the user is more skilled in using, in Crow’s case; a double saber based on the knight's primary weapon. Like Valimar, piloting Ordine consumes mana after a hard battle, requiring time to replenish its. One of Ordine’s greatest strength is its trump Card; as the Azure Knight slightly exposing its armor plating to show a blacken surface with glowing emerald neon light, enhancing its battle performance.

  • NOTE: Some of the Crafts are based on Crow's usual attacks without the Divine Knight performing them under different results.
Name CP Cost Description
Arc Slash
20 Attack (Class B) - Can’t guard/counter
30% chance to unbalance.
Criminal Edge
40 Attack (Class S) - Can’t guard/counter
60% chance to unbalance.
Chaos Spear
60 Attack (Class S+) - STR-25% (3 Turns) - Can’t guard/counter
90% chance to unbalance.
Blade Throw
60 Attack (Class S+) - DEF-25% (3 Turns) - Can’t guard/counter
90% chance to unbalance.
Deadly End
Link Attack BP Partner Effect Obtain
Union Slash - Deadly Domination
5 Crow/Rean Epilogue - Final Battle