The Old Schoolhouse is a facility that trains Class VII's students. Each new month would present a new challenge, set by Principle Vandyke.

Trails of Cold Steel

Players come here for training, the game warns each trespasser that any unfinished quest would be incomplete and would be considered as failed. These tasks are set by Principle Vandyke. The real goal here is to obtain Valimar who lays dormant until Rean completes the Shadow Trial in 7th floor's Realm of the Great Shadow and they defeat Loa Erebonius.

Trails of Cold Steel 2

The facility returns once again to challenge Class VII. Rean Schwarzer and Valimar has noticed that something has moved within the Earth Veins, So Rean heads to the Old Schoolhouse. There, he meets Toval. The rest of Class VII also meet Rean at the entrance of the facility. From there, they enter the building.

What they see is out of this world. Like something out of a sci-fi anime. After some pep talk. The gang (whoever Rean chose to go with him to ascend the tower) investigates the floors (4 sections in all). Leading up to the 17th floor. There, they will challenge Loa Luciferia, the game's true antagonist. A boss that looks similar to that of Loa Erebonius