The commanding echelons on top: Duke Cayenne, Rufus Albarea, Crow Armbrust
The alies forces of Zephyr, Imperial Liberation Front and the conspirational Ouroboros

The Noble Faction (貴族派 Kizoku-ha) is one of the 2 conflicting sides against the Reformist Faction before announcing to be the Noble Alliance (貴族連合 Kizoku Rengō), the major antagonists of the first 2 games in the Trails of Cold Steel trilogy. Their primary motives are to remove Chancellor Giliath Osbourne out of power and reclaim the Erebonian Empire to its former traditional roots as a land ruled by nobility.


After Crow assassinated Osbourne, the rebellion was signaled as the alliance unveiled their debut in Heimdallr on board the Pantagruel flagship. The deployment of the Panzer Soldat platoons toppled the power balance against the Military's tanks, resulting in the capital's occupation.

List of Notable Members

Priority Members

Zephyr Brigade

  • Xeno (hired bodyguard)
  • Leonidas (hired bodyguard)

Imperial Liberation Front



  • Their war record of their influential dominance by their military forces reflects the Nobility Alliance from the Legend of Galatic Heroes series.