For goodness sakes, those dangerous quests should....Chloe?, Are you even listening?
—Nacht's intro quote, Akatsuki no Kiseki

Nacht Weiss (ナハト・ヴァイス) is the main protagonist and hero of the online RPG, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Dawn. He joins the Bracer Guild as a junior alongside Chloe Barnett.



Nacht is an average young man sporting white hair with light red eyes. He wears a patterned azure jacket, a crimson handbag around his right waist, khaki pants up below his knees and dark brown boots.


At the beginning, Nacht appears to like an ordinary person when referring to prefer do things normally one at a time. But after being paired with Chloe who prefers to push the envelope, Nacht always state in disagreement for her over-achievement mindset.

Character Profile

A man with an unknown nationality, Nacht Weiss strives to stray from his tragic past as a former Jaeger member to restart for a normal life as much as possible. Having originally intended to just take up a steady stream of small jobs upon becoming a Bracer, those plans get thrown out the window once he is paired up with Chloe Barnett for his partner, whose personality happens to be diametrically opposed to his. He is highly proficient in combat techniques while adapting to his surroundings around fighting with an Orbal Bayonette, whilst possessing knowledge of guerilla warfare from his usage of Orbal landmines.


  • Nacht in German means "Night" or "Darkness".
  • Weiss in German means "White" or "Knows".
  • He is the first lead protagonist for a sole online game.
  • Falcom originally wanted to add him into the story of The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III as a major role, but the idea was scrapped due to thinking that it would cause confusion among fans.