Mariabell Crois is the daughter of Dieter Crois, and former heiress to the IBC in the Trails Series. After the events in Ao no Kiseki, she joined Ouroboros as the new third Anguis.



She appears as the flashy-rich girl sterotype with a sadistic side portrayed by her overprotectiveness of her childhood friend Elie, whom she vows to attack any man that would dare approach her romantically.


Ao no Kiseki (+EVO)

It turned out she was one of the masterminds of the Azure Zero Project.

With the Azure Demiurge defeated, Belle's business in Crossbell was concluded where she left with Ouroborus who acknowledge her clan's alchemy, leaving her father and best friend behind.

Trails of Cold Steel IV


  • Both Weissmann and Belle have similar high-mage appearances, and wield large staves that are capable of incredible magic.
  • She is a big fan of the Rosenberg Studio-made dolls, each probably worth several million mira.