Main Profile

Fufu....quite the effort you've shown. Well then, allow me to reward you all.
—Luciola's intro quote, Sora no Kiseki SC HD-Kai

Lucciola (ルシオラ Rushiora), otherwise known as "The Enchanting Bell" as Ouroboros's Enforcer No. VI in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC.


Lucciola has dress similar to that of an Eastern Asian style. She possesses a fan which she uses as a weapon.


Character Profile

Orphaned since childhood, Lucciola was adopted by a circus and met Scherazard Harvey. The two children became like sisters to one another and Lucciola passed all her knowledge to Schera. However, later an incident occured at the circus and all the performers were disbanded, separating the two friends. Lucciola joined Ouroboros and was recognized for her extraordinary skills. During the series, her feelings for Schera are shown. In the second chapter, she reveals her reasons for joining Ouroboros. At first, she suggests that there js a place for her "darkness" in the society. It is later revealed that she murdered the leader of the circus troupe by pushing him off a cliff despite the fact that he was a kind and loving man. She justifies her darkness by convincing herself that Mr. Harvey planned to leave their troupe in the hands of a stranger, thereby abandoning them because he did not want them to suffer the burden of his accumulated debt. However, her true reason for murdering him was that she could not bear his rejection of her love. In order to keep him forever close to her, she ultimately killed him. After she confesses, she tries to commit suicide by deliberately walking off the edge of a tower in Liberl Ark City. Scherazard attempts to save her, grasping Lucciola's hand with her whip. Overwhelmed with guilt and the inability to forgive herself, she warmly lectures Scherazard to drink moderately before cutting the whip and falling to her demise. The sound of her bewitching bells can be heard, suggesting that her attempt to commit suicide may have been another illusion but the question of whether or not she is alive is a mystery.


She makes an appearance in the game Ao no Kiseki as a fortune teller in Crossbell, a year after the events in Trails in the Sky SC. While her identity is not directly revealed, attempting to have your fortune told with two particular characters will reveal bits about her background, the first being that she used to hone her skills in a circus, while the second being that she once knew a bracer who came from poverty, but after meeting her and subsequently an exceptional person who provided guidance, that woman became an excellent bracer.