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Lohengrin Castle (ローエングリン城 Rōengurin-jō) is an aged castle on the island afloat Lake Ebel across from Legram.

During the War of the Lions, it served as a stronghold for St. Sandlot and the Eisenritter, and the sealing place of the Divine Knight, Argreion.


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Trails of Cold Steel

Chapter 5 - On the evening on the 2nd day, as Team A is filing their reports they are informed by Chloe that her two sons have not returned home. Suspecting that they have ventured into the castle, the group secures a boat and crosses Lake Ebel.

When the group arrives at the castle's entrance, they notice a strange glow and an unnatural aura surrounding it. They surmise that the higher elements might also be in effect in the castle as well, before heading inside.

While exploring the castle the party fights their way through ghostly, supernatural beings. In the castle's basement they happen upon a large door which they cannot open. They notice patterns on the door similar to the ones on the large door in the Old Schoolhouse. They leave the door and continue searching the castle for the missing children.

The team finally locates the children near the top of the castle, where they also find a large orb similar to others in the castle. Millium attempts to break the orb with Airgetlam but fails, instead summoning the fiend Nosferatu. The party defeats Nosferatu, but becomes entrapped in a barrier caused by the orb. Fortunately, they are saved by a mysterious figure who destroys the orb, freeing them.

Trails of Cold Steel II

Rean and party enter the castle and to see Emma and Laura battling a cryptid. After the two of them defeat it, another being mysteriously appears from what seems like another dimensional portal known as Zelvenom, the Gluttonous Lizard. Together with Rean's team, they proceed to battle the large creature.

During a later visit to the castle's underground level, the group battles the fiend Lucifuge, who is responsible for the thick mist enshrouding Legram and strange occurrences in the area.


  • The castle may take its name from Lohengrin, a character in the medieval epic poem Parzival, or perhaps on the opera named after said character.
  • The bell that rings in Lohengrin's Castle has a more powerful impact on the Old Schoolhouse of Thors Military Academy.
  • Due to the being of the sealing grounds of a Divine Knight, it is assumed the castle and the sealing mechanism within were constructed by the Gnomes.