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Let’s get going. Crossbell’s future isn’t going to realize itself, you know!
—Lloyd's intro quote, Trails of Cold Steel II

Lloyd Bannings is the central protagonist of Zero/Ao duology of the Trails Series. He is the de-facto leader of the Special Support Section, the Crossbell Police Department's newest division.



Lloyd appears as a young man with short brown hair. He dresses with khaki pants, dark brown boots, and a yellow-orange shirt which is worn behind his signature CSPD blue and white jacket. In the Ao no Kiseki epilogue, the yellow-orange shirt is replaced with a red shirt after the Azure Tree aftermath.


An earnest youth honest to the most logic of reasons, straight to the facts all while zealously opposing injustice and violence. Unlike his older brother, Lloyd's detective style is more intelligent to puzzle out the answers through gathered facts and pondering deeply through his clever and sharp intuition.

Character Profile

Lloyd Bannings lived in Crossbell City with his older brother, Guy Bannings and his fiance, whom he considers family after a tragic orbalship accident claimed the lives of the brothers' parents. Then Guy mysteriously died afterwards in the line of duty, leaving his younger brother and fiance behind and the truth remained buried.

Three years after, Lloyd lived with his relatives in Calvard until returning to Crossbell after graduating from the Police Academy with excellent achievements. Eventually joining the Police Department, he was assigned with three others to the Special Support Section, a new non-official division established to restore their faith to the citizens who depend more on the Bracer Guild.

Even with Lloyd's skills are possessive enough to be part of the Department's First Investigation Division, Lloyd chose to remain with the SSS in believing as the correct path to discover the truth behind his brother's death. Their recognition to the city progressive built through case by case, until their superiors praised their efforts for preventing the mayor's assassination. Thanks to Lloyd's sharp intuition, the SS have earned the respect of trustworthy allies from two certain bracer siblings, a little-lost kitten, until they eventually stumbled upon a young girl, where their encounter began the prologue of many interwoven fates and "walls" to overcome.


  • According to Estelle during their first meeting, she giggled about her and Lloyd's names being the same as her friends came home in Liberl.[2]
  • In Japan, he is best known as the "Capturing King", because he has been liked by every beautiful female character he has an encounter with.
    • Because of this, Randy sometimes yells out in jealously, that most women go for Lloyd rather than him first.
  • His costume is available as a bonus for Juna Crawford from Trails of Cold Steel III, who also shares the same weapon as him.


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