Leonidas was a former jaeger of the Zephyr Corps, until he and Xeno joined the Noble Alliance in the The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel trilogy.



A muscle-built black man with dark-brown hair styled in curls, to even a ponytail, wears violet spec glasses over his brown color eyes. Wears a dark grey-violet coat with sleeves rolled up to the elbows; with gold lining designs, has an emerald shirt underneath, tan bare baggy pants, dark grey-violet boots, a black wrist band along with fingerless black gloves with silver knuckle pads. He’s shown wielding a light grey-bronze mechanized gauntlet in his right hand.


Personality-wise, he is what many would call a solo man type of guy. He’s a more up to date man who keeps tracks of the situation, being at the most serious of times when it comes to business. When he gets down to it, he’s much of being a mucho-man with a more adult personality of being the serious debater with his comrades. Can be friendly on some occasions, but being a Jaeger also means…when it comes time to be more serious on a job to be completed. But one thing for certain is that he has a caring side for his comrades, especially Fie, who looks out for her: even to become an over-protective father-figure when chatting with Rean of how close he and Fie are, and if the guy did anything that Leonidas should know about.

Character Profile

Leonidas is another regimental Zephyr commander alongside Xeno, whose imposingly large stature can instill fear into his enemies. He wields his personal custom Machine Gauntlet whose sheer strength is enough to thoroughly decimate battlefields, earned Leonidas the nickname “Behemoth” among many. After the the corps' disbandment, he and Leonidas ended up working for Duke Cayenne's bodyguards thus joining the Noble Alliance.

From the invoking of the Erebonian Civil War, the fate of events puts the pair against their former ward, Fie Claussell, now affiliated with the Courageous faction. After their continuing clashes till the final battle at Valflame Palace, the pair confronted a full-resolved Fie with the latter admitting defeat. Upon their withdrawal from the alliance, they left behind Fie the riddling words saying "recovering the leader".


  • His weapon measurements is said to be over 2 arges in length