待たせたな、シュバルツァー。要請 (オーダー) のお時間だ.
Been waiting for you, Schwarzer. Time to deliver your orders.
—Lechter's intro quote, Trails of Cold Steel III

Well, would you look at that? Suddenly my drive to go do it is all gone.
—Lechter's intro quote, Trails of Cold Steel II

Lechter Arundel appears as a former Jenis Royal Academy student who was student council president at the time. In truth, he is Chancellor Giliath Osborne's diplomatic secretary of the Ironbloods, codenamed "Scarecrow", whose duties are chief negotiator and informant of the Imperial Intelligence Agency.



A crimson-haired young man who appears in various casual clothing such as the Jenis uniform or a holiday outfit with shorts and sandles. In his true identity, his uniform consists of a tuxedo-businessman blend fashion. A vest over a white shirt.


He has an aloof personality and elusive while on the face of things, and tends to be not tied down towards others. Tends to act irresponsible, carefree and making himself at home wherever he wants, much to the annoyance of everyone around him at first glance. 

But the above is proven to be his poker face expression, as one of his imaginable means to undertake the unofficial negotiations and handiwork hence his alias.

Character Profile

Lechter Arundel appears to be a carefree and irresponsible slacker at first glance, but in actually a member of the Ironbloods, an independent group of talented individuals whose loyalty answers to only Chancellor Giliath Osborne of the Imperial government. His positions are the Captain of the Imperial Intelligence Agency while diplomatic secretary to table negotiations talked down by unofficial means of success. His greatest talent is his excellent track record of negotiating back door dealings involving the government and army, succeeding nearly every time he takes up such work. This reputation has earned him the nickname “Scarecrow.”

First appeared as the student council president at the Jenis Royal Academy, he lazed around his work until he eventually dropped out and subsequently returned after the Calamity of Liberl, revealing his ruse to his former underclassman, Kloe Rinz. Afterwards, he was assigned to Crossbell City to gather information until its declaration of national independence, while routinely showing up where Rean and his field study group were. Working together with a certain Republican SS Agent in contact, he contributed with the Crossbell Police Department and the Special Support Section's operation in removing the president from power.

After the Civil War, while active in various places in his position, he often appears before Rean and company distributing orders from the Imperial government to the “Ashen Chevalier.”


  • He is the second Imperial character after Olivier Lenheim to make the most cameos in nearly every Trails story arc.
  • All the Ironbloods, plus the Chancellor, are somehow loosely and irrelevantly referenced from The Wizard of Oz. In Lechter's case, he is probably referenced to the Scarecrow.