It's time to fulfill the Noblesse Oblige that has long collapsed
—Jusis's intro quote, Trails of Cold Steel III

I imagine you get it now, the fact there are forks along this road.
—Jusis's intro quote, Trails of Cold Steel II

You asanine little...Try composing yourself for once.
—Jusis's intro quote, Trails of Cold Steel

Jusis Albarea is a main character of The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel tetralogy. A member of Class VII and the illegitimate second son of the Albarea Dukedom, one of the Four Great Houses in the Erebonian Empire.


In Trails of Cold Steel, Jusis wears the standard-issue, crimson Class VII uniform. He prefers wearing it very casually, having the jacket completely unbuttoned with a sweater vest underneath, and paired with flannel pants and dress shoes. In combat, he brandishes a one-handed sword and assumes a fencing style combat stance.

In Trails of Cold Steel II, Jusis switches to a formal noble attire as his civil war outfit. He wears a green overcoat over a suit and combat boots.

In Trails of Cold Steel III, Jusis wears an even formal attire as the provincal lord. He wears a dark turquoise overcoat over a white business suit.


Jusis has a haughtiness that seems typical of nobles, but is mostly to keep up appearances rather than for ill-will. His first encounter with Machias Regnitz ended horrifically and managed to ruin his normally composed attitude. The fact that he sneers at the ridiculous nature of commoners obsessed with their hatred for nobility seems to add fuel to the fire.

To those who do not know him, he can appear to be pompous and arrogant in his conduct, frequently irritating commoners such as Machias and Paula, who believe that these traits show that he thinks he is better than them. However, this seeming lack of respect for commoners is not due to any belief that his position as a high-ranking noble makes him superior to commoners. Rather, he shows a similar frankness and impatience with other high-ranking nobles, such as Patrick Hyarms, who initially approaches Jusis to invite him to join Patrick and the other high-ranking nobles at Thors in an alliance. Jusis flat-out refuses Patrick, showing open contempt at Patrick's attempts at political maneuvering within Thors.

Much to his classmates' surprise, Jusis gets along well with children. He gives advice to two children from Bareahard, looking out for them as an older brother figure, and they show great excitement at his return.

Jusis strongly believes in the true definition of "Noblesse Oblige", the true nobility of taking the right responsibility for their people. He takes it upon himself to do everything he can to act like a proper noble, but sometimes unsure what should be the right thing. This changes when Jusis shows dismay at many of his father's harsher policies as lord, such at the increasing militarization of Kreuzen's provincial army. He refuses to stand by when he believes it was his duty to intervene his father's more extreme actions. Completely opposite to this father, Jusis actually shows great personal deal of responsibility for his father, such as apologizing to his classmates for the Kreuzen Army's misconduct in Celdic during their field study. However, despite his misgivings about many of his father's actions, he also shows a great desire for acceptance from his father, particularly in the first game, nervously asking his father whether he would be willing to meet his classmates, and returning to his home in an effort to to improve his relationship with him.

Character Bond

Character Profile

Born from a commoner and raised as a noble, Jusis Albarea's life was pretty complex having a noble father and a commoner mother for parents. The only supporting figure during then was his older brother, Rufus, who became his mentor in swordsmanship and noble etiquette.

After enrolling into Thors, he was eventually selected to become part of Class VII where he met Rean Schwarzer and Machias Regnitz. During the semester, Jusis's ffriendship with Rean was the most progressive after learning they had similar life circumstances where they both come accept each other. With Machias however, it was the mmost rockiest relationship that started during Class VII's foundation as Machias was tthe son of the Imperial Governor of the Reformist Faction, while Jusis comes from the Four Great Houses in the Noble Faction. But upon their field study in Bareahard, their friendship smoothed down to the point Machias was falsely arrested by another one of his father's actions.

After Class VII's graduation, Jusis returns home to take up the job as acting lord of Kreuzen Province, thereby replacing his reprobate father to rebuild the Bareahard region. As time passed, Jusis felt a turbulent atmosphere pressured from the within the nobility, such as the Vander family's treatment and enforcement of fixed taxes strengthening at an accelerated rate. To deter against the outcome, he rejoins with Class VII while keeping contact with the other Four Great Houses.[1]

Year 1, Class VII, Riding Club
The son of Duke Albarea who tends to keep others at a distance. Skilled at traditional court fencing.
Bastard Son Jusis' mother was a commoner, a fact that soured the relationship with his father, Duke Albarea.
Horse Carer He cares for horses back at home, and appears to get along well with the horses at the academy as well.
Oil and Water While he seems to be liked by children, he has difficulty dealing with the overly-affectionate Millium.

Year 1, Class VII, Riding Club
Bastard child of Duke Albarea. Always conducts himself with pride, which can annoy others.
Warm Welcome He thought he would be hated in Celdic after all the provincial army did there, but was actually welcomed warmly.
Duke's Arrest Feeling it's his responsibility to do so as a member of House Albarea, he arrests his father with his own hands.
As a Noble Believing it to be his duty as a noble, he resolves to take up the job of acting lord of Kreuzen in his father's place.


Trails of Cold Steel II

Come, Strahl! Finish them, Astyon Knight! Hmph, it ended as good as it is.
—Jusis' S-Craft quote


  • He joins the Riding Club in the Academy.
  • He has learned the traditional court swordsmanship from his brother, and became very skilled in it as a result of his practice, using it as his main battle style.
  • His family circumstances are similar to Olivert Reise Arnor, having a noble father and commoner mother.
  • As a fellow swordsman, he has an interest with other swordsmanship like in Rean’s Eight Leaves One Blade and Laura’s Arseid Style.
  • His bonding trophy in Trails of Cold Steel I is called "Noblesse Oblige".
  • His bonding trophy in Trails of Cold Steel II is called "House of All-bro-ea".