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Julia Schwartz (ユリア・シュバルツ Yuria Shubarutsu) is the captain of the Royal Guard and serves as Kloe Rinz's bodyguard in the Trails in the Sky trilogy. She is also commander of the Royal Airship, the Arseille.



She takes her occupation as both bodyguard and personal tutor to Klose with a serious manner, but with caring warmth.


Trails in the Sky (EVO)

Introduced as the company unit captain of the royal guard.

Trails in the Sky SC (EVO)

Following her promotion for her achievement in stopping Alan's Coup d'tat, she was risen to battalion commander in honor of her recognition.

Trails in the Sky the 3rd (EVO)

Ao no Kiseki (EVO)

Julia still maintains her position as Arseille's captain and Princess Kloe Rinz's bodyguard. She accompanies Klose during her stay in Crossbell for the West Zemuria Trade Conference.


  • She and Kanone Almathea were classmates rivals back in the Royal Academy.
  • Julia was taught swordsmanship from Cassius Bright during her school days, and the latter was passed on after she taught Klose the rapier.
  • Her military rank was lieutenant in FC, promoted to Captain in SC, and later on to Brigadier in Ao.