The Red Constellation and Zephyr, Zemuria's

The Jaeger Corps (猟兵団 Ryōheidan) are the fictional armed organizations of elite mercenaries operating across Zemuria in the Trails Universe.


Jaegers are hired mercenaries who will work only for money, thus spread across the continent. Labelled as warmongers and grim reapers because they serve for war and thirst for blood. Each independent corp have a unique reputation for their best individuals with their aliases bringing fear on the battlefield. They are highly trained to all varieties of armaments and explosives, enough to develop their own unique destructive techniques and heavy artillery like gunswords and custom-made bayonettes.

The blood-tainted nature of their background makes them polar opposites with the Bracer Guild's humanitarianism to prioritize civilian protection. Thus some continents like Liberl outlaw Jaegers within borders and hiring them were declared illegal.

List of Jaeger Corps


  • It was thought that Alan Richard would have legalized their employment had his coup succeeded.
  • Jaeger refers to a special kind of light infantry, see Jäger.