The Scarecrow, White Rabbit, Rook of Jade, Icy Maiden and Black Rabbit

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The Ironbloods (Ironbreed) (鉄血の子供達 (アイアンブリード) Aian Buriido) is a special group of youths with high intelligence and special abilities in the Trails Universe. The members were hand-selected by the Iron and Blood Chancellor, Giliath Osborne, where the faction's name is based under and answer only to the Chancellor's command. They work with the Intelligence Division and the Railway Military Police, but they all answer to Chancellor Osborne.


"Ironbloods" gathered for the first time in Valflame Palace

As Osborne ascends within the government ranks, he searches across the empire for 'children' of extraordinary potential, aptitude, and devoted only to his word. The members worked in separate divisions within the Imperial Government such as the Intelligence Division and the Railway Military Police, as the Chancellor's private network.

It is unknown about the groups' foundation, but its primary member remained in the shadows until in Cold Steel 2, it was revealed to be Rufus Albarea of the Noble Faction. The recruitment soon followed, eventually acquiring the Black Workshop, one of the society's Thirteen Factories through an unknown time.

Member Roster

Image Name/Codename Weapon Quality Listing
Rufus Albarea
(Jade Rook)
Knight Sword Primary Member/Hidden Agent
Inheritor of the Albarea Household
Governor General Of Crossbell
Lechter Arundel
Rapier Captain of the Intelligence Division
Jenis Academy Student Council President (ruse)
Claire Rieveldt
(Icy Maiden)
Orbal Gun Railway Military Police Captain
Millium Orion
(White Rabbit)
Airgetlam Undercover Agent
Thors Military Academy: Class VII Student
Altina Orion
(Black Rabbit)
Claimh=Solais Undercover Agent
Reeves II Campus: Class VII Student


Trails Of Cold Steel

Trails Of Cold Steel II


  • The iron-blooded members (Chancellor included), their japanese names/aliases are somehow likely based on The Wizard of Oz.[1]
    • Giliath Osbourne (ギリアス・オズボーン) = The Wizard of Oz (オズの魔法使い)
    • Lechter Arundel = The "Scarecrow"
    • Millium and Altina Orion (オライオン) = The Lion
    • Rufus Albarea, the Rook of Jade = "The Emerald City"
    • Claire Rieveldt, the Icy Maiden = Dorothy + The Tinman