Irina Reinford is Alisa Reinford's mother in the The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel trilogy. She is the current chairman of the Reinford Group, and member of the Board of Directors for Thors Military Academy. She is the daughter of the previous chairman, Gwyn Reinford.


A diligent woman who works in the business industry of orbal component manufacturing, said to be the new successor during the events of the the first two of the Trails of Cold Steel trilogy. She adopted her handmaid during her early killer days and named her "Sharon".



Irina is an exceptionally hard worker, to the point of obsession. According to Alisa, after Irina's husband died, she focused entirely on growing the Reinford Group, losing sight of the family she used to care for. She became so focused on expanding the company that she doesn't have the same moral limits that her father, Gwyn, did as company chairman. In further pursuit of company growth, she was willing to go behind the back of her father and force him to resign. The company is now too big for Irina to oversee everything, something that Gwyn disapproves of. Because of their disagreements over how the company should be run, Irina has a strained and distant relationship with her father.

Irina is extraordinarily flexible in everything she does, and shows an immense ability for multitasking. She never stops for a moment to rest, going from one meeting to the next, much to her daughter, Alisa's frustration.

Despite her obsession with her company, she also shows that she still cares about Alisa and her deceased husband. She keeps an eye on Alisa even after she ran away to the academy, reading reports on Alisa's progress. She encourages Alisa to do more than simply rebel, challenging Alisa to take a stand and actually demonstrate what she believes the correct path for the Reinford Group is. She also keeps sentimental items around, such as photos and a watch, that remind her of her daughter and husband, and their old family.


Rean and his classmates first run into Chairwoman Irina in the train station in Roer, on their way to the Nord Highlands in Chapter 3. She greets them there, much to Alisa's surprise, telling Alisa that she had been reading the reports on Alisa's progress and revealing her position as a member of Thors's Board of Directors, alongside the previously revealed Rufus Albarea.

Trails of Cold Steel III

Irina's knowledge about the death of her husband, Franz Reinford or Black Alberich, was first a mystery until revealed it himself. She secretly employed Sharon Kreuger as a maid in return of her treatment. However, her husband was secretly stealing technologies of the Reinford group until he meet his need for his objective to reform the Great One.