A user of the renowned Arseid School, thous a formidable opponent to be expected.
—Ines's intro quote, Trails of Cold Steel III

Ines the Fortitude (剛毅のアイネス Gouki no Ainesu) is a valkyrie of the Stahlritter, Arianrhod's calvary of knights introduced in the Zero/Ao no Kiseki duology.


She is a tall female knight whose height exceeds 180 Rege.[2] She braids her paster-red hair in a long one-sided pony tail while sporting medieval armor.


Her loyalty is devoted only to her master, but kept at a moderate level unlike Duvalie's fanaticism.

Character Profile

Ines the Stout is the head-assistant valkyrie of the Stahlritter being the strictest of bearing the warrior code. Unlike the other Trails females, her high stature and large physique give her the physical strength to freely swing a huge halberd.

She places self-discipline towards improving her martial arts, even after her defeat in Crossbell after facing the Special Support Section. After the Civil War, Ines became interested in facign against a certain practitioner of the Arseid School whom Duvalie clashed with.


  • Ines's height ranks her as the Trails Series's tallest female character.