ILF's slogan, Latin-translated means "Government to the prior form."

Correct the form of the nation!
—Organization slogan

The Imperial Liberation Front (Imperil Ad Prioress Formam) (帝国解放戦線 Teikoku Kaihou Sensen) is a mysterious terrorist group that secretly maneuvers through the Erebonian Empire. They are one of the main antagonists who appear in the first game of the Cold Steel trilogy.


Under their slogan, the Imperial Liberation Front is an organization gathered for only one purpose: to eliminate Chancellor Giliath Osborne and his political party. All the members have a common background where their lives are ruined because of the chancellor's large-scale reform policies. From that point on, the allied forces used their connections to gather many allies and resources to bring the "hammerblow of justice" onto the man himself, even if it means becoming aggressive as Osborne was; to accomplish with extreme measures at any cost. Their main base of operation is a Reinford-manufactured orbalship deployed with archaisms. It was eventually revealed the organization was one of the allied forces of the Noble Alliance, for they share the same objective.

List of Members

The three executives (from left to right): Vulcan (V), Gideon (G) and Scarlet (S)