Gralsritter Emblem.png

The Gralsritter (星杯騎士団グラールリッター Gurārurittā) is an organization that serves the Septian Church's Congregation for the Sacraments in the Trails Universe. Established to uphold the religious followings of Aidios, their primary mission is to retrieve ancient Sept-Terrion artifacts to maintain order in Zemuria.


The Dominion is a sub-division of the Gralsritter. Comprised of only twelve elite official knights, with each having their own Stigmata (聖痕 Seikon), an associated squire, and given command of a Merkabah air-cruiser.

They are tasked with the retrieval of artifacts and general managerial duties of the organization.

List of Dominion Members
Number Name Nickname Squire
1 Ein Selnate 紅耀石 (Carnelia)
2 Thomas Lysander 匣使い (Partitioner) Rosine
3 ???
4 ???
5 Kevin Graham 外法狩り (Heretic Inquisitor)
千の護手 (Thousand Arms)
Ries Argent
6 ???
7 ???
8 Barkhorn, Gaius Worzel (current) 吼天獅子 (Howling Lion), Soaring Phoenix
9 Wazy Hemisphere 蒼の聖典 (Azure Scripture) Abbas
10 ???
11 ???
12 ???