"Let's see what color your blood is!"

— Gilbert's battle quote.

Gilbert Stein (ギルバート・スタイン Girubaato Sutain) was formerly Mayor Morris Dalmore's steward in the beginning of the Trails in the Sky trilogy. Now defected as one of Ouroboros's enhanced jaegers.


Gilbert is a young man with aquamarine colored hair and emerald eyes. He wears a blue blazer and puffed dark green pants with a light green tie to make up his attire.


Gilbert's personality at first is what is expected of a graduate of a Jenis Academy, proper, polite, smart and kind. However, later his true face is revealed as a heartless lackey of Mayor Dalmore of Ruan.

He talks big but he is quite the kiss up if beaten in battle. In all the times he fought the protagonists, he always begs that he will do anything for them to spare his life.

Character Profile

Gilbert hid behind his true self as a selfless individual at the beginning of the Ruan Arc in The Legend of Heroes: Trails In The Sky. Later, by Mayor Dalmore's orders, he set fire to Matron Teresa's orphanage which left herself, Clem and the other children homeless. Mayor Dalmore then followed this plan by persuading Matron Teresa to move into his extra home far away from Ruan. Gilbert and Dalmore's idea was to turn the orphanage's land into rental homes to draw in money so they could become rich and wield power. Until Estelle Bright, Joshua Bright, Agate Crosner, and Kloe Rinz put an end to both the scheme and Mayor Dalmore's term.

After being thrown out of his status, Gilbert became an elite jaeger and moved to serve Ouroboros in order to gain his wished success and power.


  • Campanella, Gilbert's higher up, loves to 'bully' him.
    • Most of the time he sets Gilbert on fire.