Gerhart Rogner (ゲルハルト・ログナー Geruharuto Rogunā) is head of the Rogner family and Marquis of the Nortia Province and its capital, Roer, in the Trails of Cold Steel trilogy.


An older man with wind-blown dark hair, mutton chops, tiny moustache, and light violet eyes. He wears a suit of dark gray with gold accents, and sports an elegant gold chain that hangs from his collar and buttons. A pinstriped vest of brown and tan can be seen under his lapel.


Rogner is head of one of the Four Great Houses, and believes himself to be a man of principle. He chafes at his daughter's rebelliousness and refusal to look and behave like a traditional noblewoman. In Cold Steel II, it is revealed that Angelica's father has a certain pride, even being stubborn to the point that he will only admit defeat when forced to yield. Still, he is a man of his word and expects fairness in all dealings. Gerhart admits that his stubborn personality is one quality he shares with his daughter.

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