The Black Workshop, huh....Always been curious about it for myself.
—George's intro quote, Trails of Cold Steel III

I still can’t believe you actually managed to survive that fight. Not that I’m complaining, of course.
—George's intro quote, Trails of Cold Steel II

Welcome to the Engineering Club...you guys having any problems?
—George's intro quote, Trails of Cold Steel

George Nome is one of the students at Thors Military Academy and Class VII's most reliable supporter in the The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel trilogy. He studied orbal engineering at the academy for two years prior to Class VII's orientation, where the Engineering Club he joins serves as the game's orbal workshop.



Known for sporting a jumpsuit like all mechanics, George is a sturdily built person regardless of his bulge. Never going anywhere without his toolbox, George appears as the handyman from his trademark goggles.


George stands as a happy and helpful person willing to do his all in supporting others. This adds to his benefit to broaden his knowledge no matter how big and small the errand is. Always neutral to those he always calls a friend, especially Crow Armbrust, and self-aware about the responsibility towards his inventions unlike his mentor, Professor G. Schmidt.

Character Profile

Although still only a student himself, George Nome is an extremely talented engineer who abilities are demonstrated in every aspect from his innovations such the Orbal Motorcycle. He handles the academy’s technological facilities by himself with his expertise prior to being a former apprentice of Professor G. Schmidt. As such, he was offered admittances from various Orbal institutions into the Roer University of Engineering.

During George's first year, he along with Crow Armbrust, Towa Herschel, and Angelica Rogner were the first test team of the ARCUS Orbment and building the foundation of Class VII. Here they fostered friendships beyond social status and position and ran various events around the school. From that, he and the others have their suspicions about Crow’s behaviour before his defection.

When the Civil War broke out, George remained aboard with Class VII and the unified student body as the Courageous's mechanic. After graduating from Thors, he declined his previous offers to tour around many engineering factories in the continent to expand his engineering knowledge. While visiting Zeiss Central Factory, Epstein Foundation HQ and so forth, there was one location he still kept in mind.

During the second-half of the story of Trails of Cold Steel 3, it is revealed that George swapped Crow's corpse with a perfect dummy and, during the confrontation with Towa, confesses that he was an agent of the Black Workshop from the very beginning as a "Copper Georg" who already acquired professional knowledge since the beginning, he also possesses a red metal color combat shell like Altina and Millium.

He also claims that Angelica is dead and doesn't deny when Towa questions him about the Courageous's destruction.


  • He appears to be the only member of the Academy's Engineering Club, according to the game's surroundings.