"I am only interested in my research. We’ll have you be as useful as possible, 'Ashen Awakener'."
—Schmidt's intro quote, Trails of Cold Steel III

Professor G. Schmidt is one of the deans of Roer Institute of Technology, and one of Professor C. Epstein's three disciples in the The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel trilogy.



An elderly man in his senior year, has white comb hair, a beard, and light-blue eyes with a monocle place in the right eye. He wears a white lab-coat, stating that his appearance is some professor of technology. He also wears a tan light red vest shirt underneath with a black collar shirt under that, with a golden broach necklace that has a jade gem on the front, light brown pants, and brown shoes.


Schmidt is a brilliant and intelligent scientist whose behavior is described as nothing as prideful and arrogant.  When something catches his curiosity relating to his expertise, he becomes obsessed in researching towards the matter and developing new results before continuing to the next. Due to his stubborn pursuit, Schmidt relatively ignores any negative virtues that would stem from his development.

He does have an eye for people of potential intellect, such as George Nome and Makarov and appointing them his apprentices. While lacking issues, Schmidt can be more demanding and less caring with those who waste his time if the results don't serve to peek his interest which makes it harder for those around him to tolerate his behavior. The same reason his former apprentices keep a distance to avoid re-experiencing his old goat persona.

Character Profile

G. Schmidt is one of the "three disciples" of the brilliant Professor C. Epstein next to Dr. Russell and Dr. Hamilton. As means to satisfy his intellectual curiosity, he worked with Gwyn Reinford at a young age to invent the Transcontinental Railroad System, orbal weaponry, one after another until he became the leading department of Erebonia's orbal technology.

During the Erebonian Civil War, Schmidt designed the "Panzer Soldats" using Ordine and the Archaisms as reference per Duke Cayenne's request of the Noble Alliance. For even further curiosity, he even cooperated with the Courageous faction to produce Valimar’s zemurian-stone katana.

After the war, Schmidt assumes the position of being Thors's Staff as the Leeves II Campus's Special Advisor. While the students and school’s facilities push on the R&D breakthrough of new technologies, he takes in Tita Russell, the granddaughter of his former colleague as his new apprentice.


  • In the game, his last name seems to be spelled out as Schmidt, for reasons still unknown.