Erica Russell is the mother of Tita Russell in the Trails in the Sky trilogy.


Erica is virtually a mirror image of her daughter Tita Russell, as they have the exact same long blond hair and big blue eyes, she's usually seen dressed like a scientist but also sometimes dress in a technician outfit as well.


Erica dotes on her daughter Tita to the point of over-protectiveness. She detests Agate Crosner, whom she regards as an uncouth ne'er-do-well unfit to be in Tita's presence, and frequently seeks to inflict pain upon him.

She appears to have an obsessive and hyperactive personality that can manifest itself in several ways, when she wanted to become a sister while young (mostly because she liked the clothes). Although seemingly an overwhelming crazy person at times, she can turn on a dime and become very serious and thoughtful as well.

Erica's relationship with her father Albert Russell appears tense at times and often prefer to be referred to as "Professor Erika" instead of "Professor Russell" though they work quite well together and it's hard to tell how much of the animosity is serious or their own unique way of humor and family bond.

Character Profile

Several years before the events of Trails in the Sky, she and her husband left Liberl to help spread the orbal technology to the most remote regions of the Zemuria continent.

Upon hearing of the crisis that had befallen their homeland in the events of Trails in the Sky SC, they rushed back home only to find the situation already resolved. After studying the technology of Ouroboros, they decided that they were going to return to Zeiss and began working on projects to counter this new threat.