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Class VII in the Civil War, the CS2 theme

The October Campaign, also referred as the Erebonian Civil War was a conflict featured in the Trails of Cold Steel series with the pre-war events covered by the first and the actual war at its second. It started from October 30, S.1204 and lasted until January S.1205 fought between the Noble Alliance and Imperial Resistance of Erebonia.

The campaign is also called as the 2nd War of the Lions for the participation of the Divine Knights and the enactment of the Vermillion Apocalypse.

Pre-War Events

The events of the Pre-War period are featured in the first Trails of Cold Steel series as the tensions ran high between two political factions that represents Erebonia's two Social Classes. Its events are also concentrated into the turmoils planned by the Noble Faction with the help of the Imperial Liberation Front and the initiation of Ouroboros' Phantasmal Blaze Plan.

The Reformist Faction, was lead by the Blood and Iron Chancellor Giliath Osborne and Heimdallr's Governor Carl Regnitz, whose objectives are to give more opportunities to commoners, and the removal of Noble Class' political powers; and The Noble Alliance, lead by Duke Cayenne of the Lamarre Province, sought to disagree with the rising power of commoner that "conflicts" Erebonia's Social Classes.

However, before the events of Trails of Cold Steel Series, the Noble Alliance's movements were already in place especially in killing Osborne for his political abilities while Governor Regnitz lost his niece from the meddling of the Four Great Houses. Henceforth, the Chancellor and the Governor rose to power to seek mostly for revenge after losing important people from their lives. Chancellor Osborne recruited teenagers with impressive talents and named them the Ironbloods. The group is then compost with 5 outstanding individual: Captain Claire Rieveldt became the highest officer of the Railway Military Police, Lechter Arundel into the Intelligence Division along with Millium Orion and her "little sister" Altina Orion as an undercover agent, and lastly its Primary Member Rufus Albarea.

At the Thors Military Academy, Principal Vandyke, Prince Olivert Reise Arnor and its Board of Directors then separated a small number of new enrollees from both social classes and mixed them in a socio-political experiment class: the Class VII. The initial class consists of 9 individuals with different backgrounds all with passed the required compatibility rate for the ARCUS unit prototypes. The curriculum from other classes however are different in substance tasking them to demonstrate their abilities in their monthly field studies. It adopts the Bracer Guild's mission protocol while tackling different issues and conflicts that may appear in their field studies. It is initially recommended by then Instructor Sara Valestein, a former A-Rank Bracer, and became the class' Homeroom Advisor and Instructor.

In efforts to match Erebonia's Imperial Army, the provinces of the Four Great Houses adapted a tax reform law for every business entities managed by both social classes alike. The Town of Celdic's Grand Market Manager contradicted the tax increase and has since experiencing disobedience and negligence of duties from the Kreuzen Provincial Army as a response to their disagreement.

On 28 June S.1204, an unknown terrorist group started their skirmish in the Nord Highland. They stationed mortar posts to attack the Imperial Watchtower first and then the Calvard Republic Air Base located in the distant plain areas outside the Highland. The sudden attack escalated a quick response to both oppositions, almost close to igniting a war in the Nord Highlands. But with the efforts of the Class VII and the Imperial's Intelligence Division, the conflict subsided by turning the culprits over into the Calvard's side.

On 26 July S.1204, the group made another appearance in Erebonia's Capital Heimdallr as it holds the annual Summer Festival. They orchestrated the flooding of Dreichels Plaza, the attack in the horse race, and the failed abduction of Crown Princess Alfin Reise Arnor and Rean's little sister Elise Schwarzer. The group formally declared their name as Imperial Liberation Front (ILF) , lead by their masked ring leader Comrade "C" and Cohorts "S", "G", and "V" with the aim to kill Chancellor Osborne and destroy all that he had accomplished for Erebonia.

In line with the Class VII's monthly field study, the West Zemuria Trade Commerce in Crossbell, and the events of last month's terrorist attack, they crossed the countrysides to the Garrelia Fortress on 30 August S.1204, as guests to watch the drills of the Imperial Army and also to see the Railway Guns for the first time. But in 31 August s. 1204, the fortress was attacked by the ILF - starting with the installation of automated machinery to the Achtzen Tanks, Archaism invasion, and to intentionally fire the two Railway Guns into the Crossbell State. The guns were fired however its first barrels were blank that gave way for the two groups of Class VII to stop S and V.

The Trade Conference at Crossbell City was also attacked by the other members of ILF and some local terrorist groups of the state. Yet it was predicted to happen, and finally ending the life of "G". "S" and "V" successfully retreated via Orbal Airships and managed to decrease the military capabilities of the Imperial Army.

Meanwhile, the Crossbell State proclaimed their independence from Calvard Republic and Erebonian Empire but were later denounced by both countries especially the Noble Faction as a non-existent declaration. Yet it intensified the tensions inside the empire instead eventually its economy.

The Courageous' construction was finally done with the help of the Reinford Group, Epstein Foundation, Zeiss Central Factory, and the Kingdom of Liberl making its maiden flight into the entire sovereignty of Erebonia as a message from the Impreial Family to show and ease their people's fears from the recent crisis happening. The two groups of Class VII in turn was transported by the Courageous into Roer and Ordis respectively.

Heidel Rogner, the younger brother of Marquis Rogner and the Director of Reinford Group's First Factory, pledged his allegiance with the Noble Faction. Beside the other events, the Sachsen Iron Mine experiences loss of iron in a false pretense. The mined ores were then secretly sold in the Black Market in its unrefined state for cheaper prices. The Railway Military Police responded to the problem and were assigned to audit the 1st Factory instead but the interference of the Nortia Provincial Army escalated into show of force even in the face of civilians of Roer.

Intel from the Imperial Intelligence Division found Nobel Faction's action and concurrently employing a secret organization and Jaeger corps (remnants of Zephyr and the Northern Jaegers) for their dirty works. The Intelligence Division also unearthed the ILF's alliance to them in addition to their funding while following different objectives to accomplish.

Later the 2nd day of Class VII's field study at Roer, the ILF commenced their campaign again - seiging the Reinford's 2nd Factory with Archaisms and complete control of the Sachsen Iron Mine. Tensions with the RMP and the Provincial Army run rampant as the latter blockaded the entrance of the mine. Both forces started debating for who's in charge until a formal notice from the Emperor Eugent Reise Arnor III himself finally authorizing the RMP to investigate the mine as an Imperial Family owned property. Concerned with the staffs of the mine, the Class VII sought the help of Irina Reinford to infiltrate the mine via back door located at the city and fought archaisms in the process until reaching the mine's control room and battled "V" in the end. However, "C" interrupted and made a diversion for "V" to escape until he was defeated and killed inside the Orbal Airship.

After the Battle of the Sachsen Iron Mine and the end of the ILF, the Erebonian Empire once again felt a slight breather. The Class VII were invited into the Valflame Imperial Palace as guests. They recieved an honorary participation for their actions at the Battle of Garrelia Fortress, at Ordis, and the retake of Sachsen Iron Mine.

All is well that ends well until another declaration of independence from the Crossbell State, backed by no legal papers and verbal-only approach. In relate to this, the state starts organizing its Defense Force to repel its neighboring aggressors such as the Calvard Republic and Erebonia itself. The Bank of Crossbell then froze all its foreign account in relate to its head of state orders affecting all foreign entities but not much of Erebonia for now.

In the 2nd day of Thors Military Academy's School Festival, Garrelia Fortress was destroyed by an unknown weapon including the Railway Guns and the bridge that connects the Crossbell and Erebonia via Railway System, it also killed military personnel and a train with its passengers that was just passing by. The account freezing from the Bank of Crossbell started to be felt by the empire creating demonstrations from the Heimdallr streets for its joblessness.

During the morning of 30 October 1204, Chancellor Giliath Osborne announced the empire's response to the deadly attack of the Garrelia Fortress but was shot dead in the chest with a sniper rifle by "C". Crow Armbrust and Misty of Radio Trista revealed their true identities as "C" of ILF and Vita Clitolde of Ouroboros respectively. The members of ILF, Zephyr, and Ouroboros revealed themselves to the students and staffes of Thors with the use of Phantasmagoria.

The Noble Alliance's Flagship Pantagruel sailed into the territorial airspace of Heimdallr, despatching Panzer Soldats that obliterated the Imperial Army stationed inside the capital. Heimdallr's defenses were quickly destroyed resulting to the full control of the Noble Alliance - hence the start of Erebonia's Civil War or October Campaign.

While the Noble Alliance gained advantage inside the capital, it also deployed its other forces to conquer neighboring towns of Heimdallr including Trista. The staffs of Thors and Sharon Kreuger intercepted the tanks and Panzer Soldats from the West Highway, dominating even the latest machinery the faction has to offer.

Class VII also participated into the defense of Trista's Eastern Highway defeating the first Soldat piloted by an ILF member but lost the second against "S". Rean Schwarzer later called Valimar for the first time and defeated "S" with the Eight Leaves On Blade Weaponless Form.

Crow escaped Captain Claire with his Divine Knight Ordine into Thors School Campus to end the Class VII once and for all. He battled against Rean in the process, utterly defeated the duo. However, the rest of Class VII interfered to let Rean, Celine, and Valimar escape into the Eisengard Range- Canyon.

With the death of Chancellor Osborne, the Noble Alliance branded the rest of the Imperial Army, the Intelligence Division, and Railway Military Police as traitors. The Royal Family and Governor Regnitz was kept "safe custody" in the Karel Imperial Villa.

Course of the war

The course of the Civil War is featured in the start of Trails of Cold Steel II until its last chapter. It started in October 30, S.1204 after the death of Chancellor Osborne. The story mainly concentrates the movements of the Third Faction's objective - to end the civil war as an opposite faction between the Reformists and Nobles.

Viscount Victor S. Arseid, Prince Olivert, and the Courageous along with its crew are also being hunted after their intervention in the Battle of Trista and helping the rest of Class VII to escape in 3 groups. Princess Alfin and Elise Schwarzer were evacuated to Ymir from the capital in a moment's notice from Legram's Bracer Toval Randonneur, Rean Schwarzer woke up for the first time at the peak of Eisengard Range Canyon together with Celine and Valimar one month after the start of October Campaign. In the Nord Highlands, the Imperial Watchtower was siege with the unusual alliance of Calvard Republic and the Alliance.

Date Location of


Description Details
October 30 S. 1204 Heimdallr, Trista Chancellor's National Address

and the Start of Civil war

Chancellor Osborne was about to address the public pertaining to the destruction of Garrelia Fortress. However he was assassinated by C, it resulted into the sudden entry of Noble Alliance and overtook the capital with its neighboring towns like Trista.
October 31 - November 29 S. 1204 Entire Erebonian Empire 1st month of October Campaign The Noble Alliance pursued to eradicate all of the Imperial government's Imperial Army after branding them rebels for their cooperation with the plans of the Chancellor. Their campaign resulted into the liberation of 60% of the empire, including the cities of the Four Great Houses and Heimdallr as their central base of operation lead by Rufus Albarea.
November 30 S. 1204 Ymir Abduction of Princess Alfin and Elise Schwarzer The Northern Jeagers suddenly attacked Ymir in the hopes of accomplishing Duke Albarea's scheme to abdicate Duke Cayenne's seat as the Supreme Commander of the Noble Alliance. His objective --to abduct Princess Alfin to better his chances for his motives. Yet the jeagers failed after the intervention of Rean Schwarzer, whose father was fatally wounded after being shot by a rifle. Still, the princess and his sister was taken away by Vita and Altina Orion.
December 1 s. 1204 Garrelia Fortress Battle of Garrelia Fortress The 4th and 5th Armored Division was attacked by the Kreuzen Provincial Army in Garrelia Fortress' railway area. The Provincial army however planned a diversionary tactics by using the Garrelia Byroad as a flanking route. But their plan was interrupted after Valimar showed up and defeated a bunch of Kreuzen's Panzer Soldats. The RMP also helped end the battle as an intel corps, and strategized the Anti-Soldat Strategies that gave advantage into the Imperial Army. With the odds were low, the provincial army retreated into their base at Twin Dragons Bridge- having lost all of their campaigns to take the fortress. It is also the first appearance of a number of Class VII students and also Valimar whom gave the biggest impact into their defenses.
December 5 S. 1204 Nord Highlands Retake of the

Imperial Watchtower

The Nord Highlands, whose at the nothern borders of the empire, became a battlefield of the 3rd Armored Division and Nortia Provincial Army. The provincial army in turn has an advantage on orbal communication for their installation of an orbal wave jammer at the Imperial Watchtower. They had also hired a jeager corps named Nidhoggr that scattered a bunch of military monsters into the the highland's premises. In hopes to deactivate the device, the Class VII planned their infiltration of the structure and succeeded, resulting to the retake of the watchtower and the alliance's retreat into the Schwarz Drache Barrier.
December 12 S. 1204 Ymir Capture of Rean Schwarzer With the full reunion of the entire Class VII -except Crow Armbrust- the class planned to decide their course in the civil war. However later that day, Ymir was attacked with the full might of Noble Alliance's top warriors including Crow. Rean was "invited" into Pantagruel in exchange for the neutrality of his village and his classmates' capture which he agreed on. He would later asked to become part of the Alliance as a Divine Knight duo with Crow but has expressed his disagreement. He then became a prisoner and was still on board with Valimar chained at ship's deck.
December 13 S. 1204 On board the Pantagruel Rean and Princess Alfin's Escape Rean reunited with the princess whom helped him control his ogre power. They later decided to escape the ship but was stopped at the ship's deck. Courageous alongside Viscount Arseid, and Prince Olivert showed up and the two opposition decided a ceasefire- letting Rean, Valimar and Alfin escape into the Courageous.
December 15 S. 1204 On board the Courageous Official entry of the Third Faction The Class VII was asked by the Viscount and the Prince for their part into the civil. They decided to become the main force of the Third Faction and will be helping the civilians (Bracer like duty) and to recruit Thors student escapees to become of the Courageous' crew. Princess Alfin remained inside the ship as the class' liason while Captain Claire Rieveldt, Toval Randonneur, Sharon Kreuger, Viscount Arseid, and Prince Olivert decided their part ways from the Class VII to help the western front.
December 17 S. 1204 Twin Dragons Bridge Liberation of Twin Dragons Bridge and Celdic The Courageous was tipped about the whereabouts of Fiona Craig -- Elliot's sister -- who was forced to be transported from Celdic into the Twin Dragons Bridge. She was then used as a last resort for forcing the 4th and 5th Division to surrender yet her father did not agreed in their terms since it is a war crime to use civilians in their affairs. The Class VII and the 4th attacked the bridge in the west and east side respectively that created confusion into the Kreuzen Army soldiers. Major Neithardt also participated into the assault whose assistance in Fiona's rescue was successful. The offensive stance of the 4th led to the liberation of the bridge and also its neighboring town Celdic. The Kreuzen Army later on retreated to Celdic but since its plains were not stratigical area for a military camp, they retreated further south into the city of Bareahard that significantly bolstered its defenses after the fall of the Twin Dragons Bridge. Celdic in turn was given their own peacekeeping force from the 4th, who then used the bridge as their base of operation, and the 5th had stayed behind at Garrelia Fortress to guard the western borders of the empire.
December 21 S. 1204 Nortia Province Liberation of Roer Angelica Rogner contacted the crew of Courageous on her pursuit to confront her father -- Marquis Rogner. With the help of the Class VII, they were able to secure Roer and Reinford HQ with Irina Reinford and Sharon Kreuger. Director Rogner was also put in custody for his attempt to overtake the company. Marquis Rogner confronted his daughter at Schwarze Drache Barrier and was defeated. Vulcan interrupted the fight with his Goliath -- which was defeated and died by its explosion. After the incident, the Marquis declared his neutrality in the civil war and withdrew from the lines of the Alliance. Roer was liberated and Reinford Group was slowly gaining its normal operation even if the other factories are at shutdown due to the alliance's conspiracies into the mass production of Panzer Soldats. The marquis then offered her full support to the Imperial family and was also regretting the invasion of the capital.
December 22 S. 1204 Celdic Arson of Celdic The liberation of Nortia Province shook the alliance in the east and threatened the capital in its vicinity. Heimdallr in the mean time lifted the passenger restrictions into Celdic and allowed citizens to use it normally. Duke Albarea however was angry after the people of Celdic happily accepted their liberation from his army and deployed his soldiers to destroy it. He also employed the Northern Jeagers to increase the odds of his objectives. The 4th Division intercepted the duke's army from the Twin Dragon's Bridge but failed to halt some who passed through. In their arrival, Soldats started destroying everything including the Grand Market, while its citizens panicked and started running for their safety. The 4th along with the RMP then tried defend the city but they were too late as the jeagers had set up fires into the structures of the town. After that, the opposition retreated back into Bareahard City, and the town suffered traumatic experience in the attack and Grand Market Manager Otto died after securing the safety of his people.
December 25 S. 1204 Kreuzen Province (Central Area) Liberation of Kreuzen Province The effects into the hearts of Celdic's citizens were too great to diminish it quickly, and their loss of the Grand Market Manager added to the pain of their situations. In order to attain the peace they needed, the Third Faction agreed to make their operation to liberate the province by arresting Duke Albarea. They also asked the assistance of the 4th and the RMP to become decoys in the operation while the Courageous will sail into the Aurochs Fort to confront the attack for his arrest. Rufus Albarea in turn "asked" them to do it, while most of Kreuzen's Army is now on his thrall, stating that it was the duke's most loyal soldiers that destroyed Celdic and the Noble Alliance had disagreed into his methods. This leads to the alliance's noncooperation into the defense of Bareahard and allowed the Class VII to his quick arrest - freeing the city and its army from his command and transferred to Jusis Albarea as the acting duke of the province. The Northern Jeagers also unfollowed the duke after their fight with their former member Sara Valestein.
December 30 s. 1204 Trista Liberation of Trista Following the Liberation of Kreuzen, the Imperial Army started planning in their mission to liberate Heimdallr. The western side of the empire however is still at the hands of the Provincial Army of Lamarre and Sutherland and the 7th and 8th Division are still at the brink of defeat. An unknown group calling themselves the Winds of Freedom appeared at the west and have been assisting the Imperial Army. They were also assessed the neutral regions unaffected by the war and helped the citizens in fleeing the battered areas. The RMP then made a call into the Courageous about the movements of the Noble Alliance at Trista - whom have transferred its main forces into the outskirts of Heimdallr to defend it from the invasion planned by the 4th and the 3rd Division. This left Trista less secure from the RMP and the Imperial Army, but the Class VII along with the other Thors students asked them to have it as their primary mission in the civil war. Student Council President Towa Herschel also accompanied the Class VII Group A in securing the academy at the front entrance whilst Angelica Rogner and the Group B at the Academy Fields. They were intercepted by the upper class students calling themselves the Order of the Lions which is lead by Patrick Hyarms at said locations but fell into their defeat and pledged their full support onto Towa in its liberation - freeing all of the students, the staffs of the academy, and especially the town in the process.
December 31 s. 1204 Karel Imperial Villa Rescuing the Imperial Family, Elise, and Governor Regnitz The 3rd and 4th Armored Division started the invasion of Heimdallr after the day of liberation of Trista and the Alliance dispatched their two best generals to confront them- General Aurellia Le Guin and General Wallace Bardias. Both armies are equal in strength even with the Imperial Army's anti-soldat tactics. But in the other end, the RMP planned to rescue the Imperial Family which is put into custody at Karel Imperial Army along with Elise Schwarzer and Governor Carl Regnitz. They also asked the assistance of the Thors Students especially the Class VII as a primary force to infiltrate the Villa while the RMP has to secure a railway point for their escape. They once again divided their class into two groups- to infiltrate and to secure- and having Rean lead the rescue inside the Villa. They confronted Altina Orion in the process and summoned archaisms to assist her mission but failed in the end. In the midst of the operation a phenomena started to cause the capital to be engulfed with dark miasma and the Azure Abyss to enact the forbidden spell to reawaken the Infernal Castle in its slumber at Valflame Palace.

In its appearance, the Imperial Family was escorted into the outskirts of the capital near Trista and Governor Regnitz asked an escort into the Government Office to resume his duties as the governor. Elise in turn plead her way to board the Courageous and to accompany them.

December 31 S. 1204 Valflame Palace/ Infernal Castle Vermilion Apocalypse Prior to the re-enactment of the Infernal Castle, the Class VII agreed to investigate its existence by getting inside. They were transported by the crew of Courageous along with Elise whose brother fully disagreed and agreed after being cornered by his fellow students. The castle then summons the Magic Knight in the process for its defense but the recruited students and professors intercepted them. Major Neithardt participated to the battle after the cease fire agreement of both forces, while Major Vander also appeared stating the situation in the west has finally at their own hands. Both majors then offered to prove who's better by knowing who can defeat most knight in the process.

Inside the castle is more bizarre than the outside as it has four stratums to explore and battling primary members of the alliance in the process. The people involved in its defense are Leonidas, Xeno, Bleublanc, Duvalie, and Mcburn but their defeat alone was not enough and forcing the involvement of Prince Olivert, Toval, Sharon, Captain Claire, and Viscount Arseid who allowed the Class VII to proceed in the other stratums. Crow and Vita Clitolde stands firm waiting for them at the final stratum and fought in the process. Into their defeat in the group battle and divine knight battle, Duke Cayenne's frustration lead to his ambition to fully awaken the cursed vemillion knight in its slumber by forcing the Crown Prince Cedric into its core.

Crow lead the group by asking Vita's assistance and they successfully defeated the Vermilion Knight with the cost of Crow's life -whom fell to his death at the same place where he shot Osborne.

December 31 S. 1204 Valflame Palace/ Infernal Castle End of Civil War Duke Cayenne was finally defeated and the Vermilion Apocalypse was stopped, the Infernal Castle in the other hand has stopped in summoning Magic Knights while its miasma slow fades away from existence.

But the loss of Crow was in vain when Chancellor Osborne showed up as if he just arrived in a long vacation from a tropical country. Rufus Albarea appeared out of nowhere and assaulted Vita who succeeded in inflicting a slash at her right upper arm. Altina Orion also flew down and put the duke in to the floor, fully arresting him in his crimes. There, Rufus finally stated his true position as the Primary Member of the Ironbloods mentioned by Osborne but not identified the individual. The other Ironblood aligned into him and greeted one another, while Rean bursted his disposition to the chancellor's appearance and was shocked at the revelation as he is Rean's biological father.

The Chancellor then ordered his men for their new missions with Rufus to topple the forces of the Provincial Army and to fully end the civil war in his diposal. Rean in turn was awarded the National Hero in the civil war aliased as the Ashen Chevalier.


Prior to the end of the October Campaign, the Imperial Government was re-established and still headed by Chancellor Gilliath Osborne. The provincial army's forces were slowly being diminished from their full might and two of the head of the Four Great Houses were arrested for their war crimes.

Duke Albarea was still put under house arrest for his terrorist act including the arson of Celdic and his recruitment of the Northern Jeagers. While on July S. 1206, Duke Croire de Cayenne was sentenced by the Imperial Supreme Court to lifelong imprisonment for treason and other criminal insurrection such as igniting the Civil War.

Rean Schwarzer was heralded by the Imperial Government as a National Hero, and later been requested to participate onto military operations including the annexation of Crossbell. On the Chancellor's disposal, Rufus Albarea lead the empire's coalition army by using the Pantagruel as their mothership. Rean and Valimar's presence became crucial to both nations as he prevented further bloodshed even if the empire succeeded their operation on just a day.

The Calvard Republic however imposed sanctions unto Erebonia since their nation also "owns" the state. They deliberately deployed their forces in land and air to liberate Crossbell, however ended up returning more failures because of the interception of Soldat Platoons lead by the Ashen Chevalier and in February s. 1205, the state was officially merged with the empire as its easternmost province.

The empire then also eyed its neighboring state in the north; the North Ambria. Sanctions were imposed into its government including the involvement of the Northern Jeagers at the Civil War, igniting the hate of Erebonians especially the people of Celdic - who experienced fear for their involvement of the arson. The both countries held a negotiation to relieve tensions but the Northern Jeagers interrupted the talks and forced the Erebonian Empire to mobilize its army for invasion to annex it next the North Ambria.

This lead to the start of the Northern Campaign and the Lamarre's Provincial Army was tasked to accomplish the operation along with General Aurelia Le Guin as the commanding officer. Rean Schwarzer once again participated into the invasion. Their army succeeded to surround the capital within days of endless blitzkrieg tactics and gave the Northern Jeagers a chance to surrender. Yet when no response was given by the opposition, General Aurellia ordered her forces to occupy its parliament and was finally merged unto the empire in December s. 1205.