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The Epstein Foundation (エプスタイン財団 Epusutain Zaidan) is the renowned orbal technological institute in the Kiseki Universe. Founded by the three disciples of Professor C. Epstein a year after his death, it been the center of orbal development and distributing its technologies ever since. Its main headquarters resides in Leman State, home of the founding father of the Orbal Revolution.


Since the death of C. Epstein in S.1154, his most prominent disciples: Albert Russell, G. Schmidt and L. Hamilton established the Foundation the year after before they went their respective ways. Named after the sole innovator, the Epstein Foundation is renowned for its research and manufacture of orbments, specializing in information processing and communication. It also is the sole manufacturer of Battle Orbments, allowing its users access to arts, artificial magic harnessed by sepith circuitry called Quartz.

Projects in Development

  • Battle Orbments: The highest-grossing products distributed to users, and individually customized to their aptitude.
    • ENIGMA: The fifth-generation Battle Orbment developed by the Foundation used in Zero no Kiseki.
      • ENIGMA II: An updated version of the previous ENIGMA used in Ao no Kiseki.
    • ARCUS: A parallel fifth-generation Battle Orbment co-develped with the Reinford Group.
  • Orbal Staff: A new staff-form artilery to activate Orbal Arts with reduced casting time to none. In collaboration with the Reinford Group.
  • Orbal Network Project: A partnership-project with the Zeiss Central Factory which is considered to be the future of Orbal Communication.
  • Eidolon Gear: The Foundation's joint-implementation of the Orbal Gear Project by ZCF.