Collette (コレット Koretto) is a commoner student of the prestigious Thors Military Academy introduced in the Trails of Cold Steel trilogy.



Just like any other ordinary girl who's sociable when first meant. But she has a great passion, and that is to...SHOP! Yes, able to support herself in being capable of shopping for things even on her own, she has a thing for finding things she likes to buy. It even surprises everyone of how much she loves to shop.

Character Profile

Student File: Year 1, Class IV

Student Info: A very ordinary and sociable girl with a passion for shopping. Proved quite capable of supporting herself well.

*Debt Repaying: she handed out charms made with Dryad’s Tears to the people of Artisans’ Street for all they’ve done for her. CS II

*Promise: After being happily reunited with fellow shopaholic Melinda, they promise to go shopping together after the war is over. CS II