リィンさん, “彼”との関係…… 今は無理に思い詰める必要はないと思います.
Rean, you probably don't have to think hard now regarding your connection with "him".
—Claire's intro quote, Trails of Cold Steel III

I’m taking it upon myself to end this civil war myself one way or another.
—Claire's intro quote, Trails of Cold Steel II

May I suggest then to leave the job to the RMP.
—Claire's intro quote, Trails of Cold Steel

Claire Rieveldt, otherwise known as the Icy Maiden, is one of the commissioned officers in the Railway Military Police in the Trails of Cold Steel tetralogy.


A young woman with long sky-blue hair ponytailed in a side-curly fashion. She appears in the standard TMP officers. Consists of a beret and a fully-clothed metallic-gray uniform (with a jean collar) from sleeves to the heels, and brown thigh-tall boots.


Despite being an elite military officer, she displays unparalleled kindness when giving advice to Class VII, but sometimes can be strict when warning them about getting involved with the political affairs between the conflicting factions.[1] As her alias would suggest, she maintains an icy composure when dealing with any opposition..

Character Profile

Her background unknown prior her graduation from Thors Military Academy, Claire Rieveldt is gifted with an unrivaled processive mind that is equivalent to that of an orbal arithmetic unit.[2] Her calculative capabilities with her brain earned her to be scouted by Chancellor Giliath Osborne, and rising to the position of Captain in the Railway Military Police.

Now known as the Icy Maiden for her composed character and ability to command the RMP troops throughout the railway network nationwide. Her loyalty to the Chancellor remains unwavered, until her encounter with fellow Thors underclassmen, Rean Schwarzer and Class VII. She then keeps crossing paths with Class VII's field studies and assisting them on occasions while gaining respect for Rean upon noticing a "familiar atmosphere" between him and her superior.[3]

After the latter failed to prevent Chancellor Osborne's assassination and the outbreak of the Erebonian Civil War, Claire continues to assist Rean and the Courageous faction outside the cruiser while taking the counteroffensives to recover the Imperial capital of Heimdallr. She was eventually promoted to Major for her efforts after the Civil War and command the RMP throughout the entire Empire, including the annexed Crossbell. Right after the establishment of Reaves II Branch Campus, Claire leaves to Leeves to deliver the military armored train, Derfflinger upon reuniting with Rean since the Northern Campaign.

In Trails of Cold Steel III, Claire reveals her past to Rean after he sees an argument between her and Michael. Claire was in fact the daughter of the president of the Rieveldt company, while her cousin's father was the vice president. Claire, her younger brother Emil, Michael and his younger sister Isara were all very close from the ties with her family's company.

Tragedy struck when she was 16 years old, her family was caught in a car crash which killed her parents and Emil, leaving her as the only survivor. Her uncle took her in and she was grateful to him. However, she wondered, why was she the only survivor? Claire investigated her father's documents that he recorded weeks before the deadly crash and she found that her uncle was scamming customers. Her father tried to stop her uncle from doing such, but the crash took his life before he could do anything.

Claire, upset and enraged, confronted her uncle where he confessed to her the truth, he was the reason her family was dead. But he had destroyed all the evidence and she could not avenge her loved ones. This was until she meet Giliath Osborne, who knew her father personally from their days at Thors Military Academy and told Claire she should get revenge on her uncle for taking everything away from her. Claire took those words to heart as she scrapped evidence together and gained allies like Marquis Hyarms to withdraw their support from her uncle. Finally the day came where her uncle was arrested and punished. She gave the rights of the company to a trustworthy, veteran employee and decided to follow Osborne for he had helped her in a way no one ever did. She attended Thors Military Academy like her father and graduated at the top of her class, making her into her alias, 'The Icy Maiden,' to the present day.


  • Like Mueller Vander, she becomes a playable character during certain chapters in a single game.
  • She is the first Ironblood to support the protagonists.
  • All the Ironbloods (plus the Chancellor) are somehow referenced from The Wizard of Oz. In Claire's case, she is probably a reference to both Dorothy and the Tinman, combined.