Claimh Solais (クラウ=ソラス Kurau Sorasu) is the jet-black combat shell which is link-controlled by Altina Orion in the The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel trilogy.


Altina's combat-shell archaism that is oppositely identical to Millium Orion's Airgetlam. As her master, it was developed from the cutting-edge technology from the Black Workshop, one of the Thirteen Factories Osborne acquired by unknown means. Its power source seems to run on something more powerful than orbal energy, as it can levitate at high altitudes, unleash beam weaponry and teleportation.

The armor is a unique alloy of both metallic and ceramic properties which makes it indestructible and able to shapeshift and probably refined at cold temperatures to prevent overheating.[1]. Built with its own artificial intelligence, it can speak in an archaic language only its master can decipher.

In Trails of Cold Steel III, it became updated prior to Altina's "enrollment" to the Leeves Branch.


Like Millium and Airgetlam, it is the primary source of Altina's combat style where the archaism mimic its master's stances while synchronically linked. In accordance to its name, Claimh=Solais attacks by slashing in contrast with Airgetlam's heavy punching.

  • Black Barrier (ノワールバリア): In synchronization, Claimh=Solais and Atina crosses its arms over her, as a red magic circle appears beneath her where it envelops into a physical-resistant barrier around them.
  • Brionac (ブリューナク): Claimh=Solais's version of Airgetlam's Riot Beam where it crosses it’s arms, then unlashes a straight critical red beam damaging targets in its vicinity, and lowering their defenses.
  • Maser Arm (メーザーアーム): Claimh=Solais lifts its right arm produce a crimson energy laser blade, and does a spinning slash, critically damaging its targets.
  • Magna Bringer (ラグナブリンガー): Altina's S-Craft where she commands Claimh=Solais to transform into a diamond-edge Excalibur form and with a few surfboard moves, it damages all targets in range upon impact.


  • Etymologically, its name is derived from Claíomh Solais from Irish and Scottish folklore, otherwise referred as the "Sword of Light", "Shining Sword", or "a white glaive of light".
  • In the English version of Trails of Cold Steel II, it is spelled Claiomh Solais.
  • In the English version of Trails of Cold Steel II, Millium Orion refers to it by the nickname "Sammy," similar to how she refers to Airgetlam as "Lammy." Altina, however, objects to the nickname.

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