Character Status in Sora no Kiseki The 3rd

A Status screen for Rean Schwarzer from Trails of Cold Steel

Character Status is a group of attributes that determines how a playable character performs in combat situations.

Equipment gives permanent parameter increase to an attribute as long as that item remains equipped on the character. The various types of equipment are: weapons, armors, shoes and quartz. Each can either increase or decrease a parameter value, depending on finding the correct balanced customization through trial and error.

The rest of the items are consumables affecting parameter values temporarily during battle regardless of HP, EP and CP recovery, until the effect is dispelled or the character is knocked out.


Below are the many different attributes that comprise this group.

  • Level: A number that approximately represents a character's overall strength. Other parameters may increase when a level is gained.
  • HP (Hit Points): Represents a character's a vitality; if it reaches 0, the character falls into Knocked Out (戦闘不能) status and cannot take any action during battle.
  • EP (Energy Points) | MP (Magic Points)
    • EP: Arts use this parameter as a resource. There are only a few ways of restoring EP. Either a level is gained and EP will be restored to maximum, or selected items are used on the character, or Machine Power (Ingenuity) is slotted in a character's orbment. Maximum EP is increased with opening orbment slots (FC) or upgrading the orbment slots (SC, the 3rd).
  • CP (Craft Points) : The resource used to power Crafts; it is usually restored by dealing or receiving damage of any amount.


  • STR (Strength) : Determines damage dealt by physical attacks and Crafts.
  • DEF (Defense) : Reduces physical damage received.
  • ATS (Arts Strength): Affects damage dealt by Arts and magical crafts.
  • ADF (Arts Defense) : Reduces magical damage taken.
  • SPD (Turn Speed): How often a character's turn happens; a higher number results in more frequent turns.
  • DEX (Dexterity): A character's ability to accurately hit a target with attacks and Crafts.
    • ACC (Accuracy): A percentage chance to hit an enemy target with an attack or Craft.
  • AGL (Agility): Roughly signifies a character's ability to Evade a physical attack.
    • EVA (Evasion): A percentage chance to evade any physical attack.
  • MOV (Movement) : How far a character can move in one turn during battle.
  • RNG (Attack Range) : The distance a character can attack from; lower numbers indicate a shorter range.


  • EXP The accumulated experience with the value determined by each enemy defeated.
  • NEXT The remaining experience value left to reach the next level.