Main Profile

Cassius Bright (カシウス・ブライト) is the patriarch of the Bright family. A prodigal soldier to both the national army and the Bracer public. He raised his daughter, Estelle, and his adopted son, Joshua, with great pride. His upstanding character stands as top-class reference to The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky trilogy.



Cassius is a middle aged man around 40 years old sporting a fancy haircut and mustache. His casual attire is a green vest over his long white shirt, a brown belt with a red ribbon as well.


Cassius has a nice guy character through his own actions as both soldier and father, and easy to compare Estelle's own actions with. His influence across the Zemuria continent is extraordinary due to his actions in the past affecting history and his Bracer rank of S. His influence even reached many of the playable characters throughout the series.


Cassius's speed and power are immense. He has many attacks as the other heroes, one of them is the ability to strike down an entire team at a very high speed. He has a powerful S-craft called Phoenix Destroyer, which is later learned by Estelle in Zero no Kiseki.

He was nicknamed "The Sword Saint (剣聖)" for his extraordinarily talent with a sword. He's one of the very few people on the entire continent who reached "kotowari (理)", the highest class of all kinds of martial arts. And he also attained the S-rank status in Bracer organization (there are only 3 other people on the continent who managed that).

Switching over to bo staff does weaken him a little bit but he's still one of the strongest characters in the franchise, earning great respect and admiration from both friends and foes alike. When fighting others, he generally gives them a handicap and greatly withholds his power but still gets the upper hand, as proven in his fight with royal captain Julia. Julia is arguably the best fighter amongst her generation but still easily subdued by Cassius. His surbodinate, Richard said that his power is without peer while General Morgan claimed that he's never ever seen Cassius lose.

Besides his already-awesome physical feats, Cassius is also well-renowned for his ability to predict the upcoming events and unfathomable strategy skills. Weissmann acknowledged Cassius capabilities, saying that his presence in the kingdom would jeopardise his whole plan so he's been planning for years to get Cassius out of the country in order for his schemes might proceed smoothly. Richard once mentioned that the Liberl kingdom would've been occupied by the Empire had it not been for Cassius's effort.


  • The name Cassius is Latin for "narcissistic" or "vain".
  • Mentioned as an equal of Viscount Victor S. Arseid in terms of skill and abilities.