The Bracer Guild (遊撃士協会 Yugekishi Kyoukai) is a fictional civilian faction in the Trails Universe. A non-governmental organization whose priority is to increase the peace and protect civilians wherever there is conflict throughout Zemuria. Its members are called Bracers (遊撃士 Yugekishi), investigative and combat specialists whose mission to maintain the stability of their respective regions.


The Bracer Guild was founded in Leman State 50 years ago prior to The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, during the Orbal Revolution. Their personal and contributions have influenced the entire continent, thus spanning its services by establishing multiple branches in almost every region. A neutral party considered as the "jack-of-all-trades", because they deal with request of all varieties from the risky monster exterminations to the mundane lost-and-found.

Most of the community respects with their ways of neutralizing most situations and conflicts due to their motto, "to protect the safety of the citizens and their property". They have gained must respected support from most of the citizenry, even becoming role models for the children where they imitate out of admiration.

Due to their international and neutral nature, the guild portrays as an intermediary between international disputes, as they cannot interfere directly in wars and political affairs. Moreover, the citizens' trust in the guild more drives a wedge against the military and the government's higher echelons, believing to be an unfair impression in favor of the community.

Codes and Regulations

Main article: Bracer Notebook

Since its foundation, the Guild preserves a long-standing policy of non-intervention with the government and military to preserve their trust and sustain international rules, in accordance with Article Three of the guild code, "Bracers and Non-Involvement in Military or Political Matters. A bracer will recognize a nation's sovereignty, and may not interfere with nor arrest any person of national military or political standing." This does however leave consequences for the guild in the future, as it can be subjectively offended back by those of greater authority.


Event Location(s) Core Participants Summary
Hundred Days War Liberl Kingdom
Erebonian Empire
All Liberlian bracers Non-soldiers who were extremely beneficial to the military in regaining lost Liberl terrirory from Erebonian occupation.
The Coup' D'etat Grancel Castle, Liberl Kingdom Estelle Bright
Joshua Bright
The Junior Bracers came across Colonel Richard's attempt to take over the kingdom during their quest to become full-fledge Bracers in admiration of their father, Cassius Bright.
Imperial BG Branches Attack Spree Erebonian Empire Cassius Bright All the Guild's Imperial Branches were mysteriosuly assaulted one after another by unknown forces


  • Their name is based on their slogan, "the supporting gauntlet" for they are the protective arms for the hands of the common people.
  • They are polar opposites and natural enemies with the Jaeger Corps who are warmongers who prioritize mira over innocent lives.
  • Many bracers in the series are practitioners of the Eight Leaves One Blade School.